StoneClan's story

A long lost clan,of wild cats.Blood of all legendary clans surging in each and everyone's veins.They all have a sense of pride,courag,strenght and love.Life in StoneClan isn't always easy.This is the story to prove it.

((All Warrior Cats refences belong to Erin Hunter))


4. Autumnpaw

I smiled as I watched my father look through the cats. "Autumnkit, from this day until you earn your warrior name, you will be known as Autumnpaw, and your mentor will be...Raccontail. Raccontail has trained by one of our senior warriors, Venomclaw. And she will pass on all of her strength and skill to Autumnpaw." He said smiling. I nodded smiling at Raccontail. "C'mon Autumnpaw." She called as we raced out of the camp entrance. I smiled and laughed happily. She lead me around the territory. I smiled and yawned. "We should head back now." She reminded as I nodded, and raced back to camp. Raccoontail smiled. "Take some prey, eat and head to bed, we're doing Dawn Patrol tomorrow!" She called as i nodded, and raced towards the prey heap, grabbed a shrew and sat with Mosspaw."How's Blackstripe!" I teased quietly, as she blushed and ducked her silvery head under her snowy white paws."Fine... he has no clue what so ever..." She sighed in relief. "Ok... but still, Dustpelt was a warrior when Ferncloud was an apprentice!" I reminded, thinking of our fallen distant relatives . 'oh well...." She sighed flicking her tail, before standing up and stretching her legs. "I'm heading to sleep, doing the Dawn Patrol?" Mosspaw asked me, as I nodded before the 2 of us headed to the Apprentices Den.

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