StoneClan's story

A long lost clan,of wild cats.Blood of all legendary clans surging in each and everyone's veins.They all have a sense of pride,courag,strenght and love.Life in StoneClan isn't always easy.This is the story to prove it.

((All Warrior Cats refences belong to Erin Hunter))


2. Autumnkit

I stared at the den entrance,Looking at my father Flamestar fighting off the IceClan cats,who tried to get in.I desperately wanted to fight along with them,so I moved over to an empty part of the den,and mimicked the attle moves I was able to see my father do,I was in the middle of clawing the air,as my mother Wintershine picked me up and dropped me down next to her.I smiled at her as she sat me down next to her,as my brother Vinekit pranced over,with Shrewkit on his heels."Hey mom!"he called to Wintershine as he flicked his long white-silver tail happily.I looked like my father Flmaestar,he was an inferno red tabby,as I was a red calico.My brother was a mimic of my mother.Smae white paws,long tail and very furry face.As my father came in the den,he had a scar dripping blood under his eyes as he smiled at me."StoneClan is victorious!!"he yowled very happily,as Willowtail and Wintershine rushed to they're mates with pride in they're eyes.I bounded over to my father with Vinekit trying to catch up."That was AWESOME!!"I mewed demonstrating what I saw him do."he smiled at me and layed his tail on my head."My little warriors."He purred as Vinekit leapt on his paw.Mosskit bounded over."My dad was awesome!So was Flamestar!"She meowed with happiness in her light green-blue eyes.I smiled at my cousin and looked at our brothers practising a mini battle on eachother.We laughed as they leapt on us,pinning us down."HEY!!"I wailed as Mosskit jumped up,making her brother fall off her back with ease,as on the other hand I was struggling.Mosskit was always the big strong one,I was the swift clever one,She grabbed Vinekit by the scruff and pulled him off of me,dragging him to the other end of the cave."STOP!!!!"He mewled as he desperately tried to claw Mosskit's nose.She let him go and she bounded over to me."I wanna go outside!"She meowed as she ran outside,with me catching up and speeding ahead."Not fair!"She called as she managed to catch up."I'm the fast one,you're the stroung one!"I explained to my cousin,as we saw our medicine cat,Plumfur dragging a dead IceClan cat into the forest."He must'hve got Nightclaw or Flamestar mad."Mosskit beamed seeing the warrior with a ripped neck,and tons of scars and cuts,gushing blood.I smiled at the clan and looked at Mosskit,I jumped on the TallRock and smiled."I'll be deputy,and you can be leader!"Mosskit called."Nah,you'd make a better leader."I meowed to my cousin as the wind blew my fur,I looked at Mosskit.The sun's rays beamed down on her silvery fur,making it glow .

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