StoneClan's story

A long lost clan,of wild cats.Blood of all legendary clans surging in each and everyone's veins.They all have a sense of pride,courag,strenght and love.Life in StoneClan isn't always easy.This is the story to prove it.

((All Warrior Cats refences belong to Erin Hunter))


1. Mosskit

I opened my eyes slowly,and looked around.I looked into my mother's kind eyes,and saw my brother next to me.I smiled."M-mama?"I purred flicking my long silver tail."Yes Mosskit,Mama."She mewed nuzzling my body with her muzzle."Nightclaw!"My mother called,as a dark grey tom cat with black paws padded into the den,"Hello kits."He purred as my brother awoke next to me."P-papa?"he mewled looking around."Hi Shrewkit."he purred happily as he nuzzled my mother."This is our family Willowtail."he meowed smiling at us.


                                                                                            ~~3 MOONS LATER~~



I smiled at my father who was showing usd around the camp,I looked at my brother Shrewkit and leapt on him."RAWR!"I mewed as he struggled underneath my body."Get of o' me!"He yowled as my father pick me up and dropped me down."You two will be great warriors."he purred looking at us with pride in his eyes."Ok,let's go say 'Hi' to Flamestar?"he meowed as Shrewpaw an I leapt up on our paws."YAY!!" I mewled as I ran ahead of my brothe,catching up with my father."Hello Flamestar."he meowed dipping his head."Hello Nightclaw."He replied as she sat up in his nest."Mosskit and Shrewkit wanted to say 'Hi' to they're uncle."he purred as my brother and I rushed over to our leader."Hi Uncle Flamestar!"I meowed as Ibatted at his long fire colored tail."Hello young ones."he meowed smiling as Autumnkit and Vinekit burst into the den."DADDY!"the two kits called."Hello my kits."he meowed as I smiled at Autumntkit,she was the best cousin,and was always like a sister to me."Hi Mosskit!"She meowed smiling at me."Hi Autumnkit!"I meowed leaping on the calico she-kit."HEY!!"She mewled from under my body,as Vine kit pushed me off."Hey!"I called as Shrewkit pnned me down."HELP AUTUMNKIT!!"I yowled laughing and she sidetackled Shrewkit,pushing him to the side."thanks!"I mewed as Autumnkit smiled."Anytime."She purred as Brightshadow burst into the den."ICECLAN IS ATTACKING!"She yowled in distress and Flamestar and my father stood up."Barricade my den,get the elders,queens and kits inside,NOW!"He ordered as Brightshadow leapt out,and in a few seconds,the den was filled with nursing queens,bouncy kits and annoyed elders."Why now?!"My favourite elder Redpelt muttered as she reluctantly layed down,as I sat next to her,scanning the den for my mother Willowtail,once I saw her,I called her over and she came to sit next to me and Redpelt."Hello."She meowed to me and Redpelt as Shrewkit bounded over."I just looked outside,It's so cool!I saw papa slice his claws into an IceClanners flank like this!"He mewed delightedly as he demonstrated what he saw my father do as I sat there,daydreaming about me in my first battle.


((WARRIOR POWER!!!!Sorry,my warriors urge was ceased with this because my two friends and I wrote about StoneClan originaly for our class,but my friend'sbrother deleted the story and now my friends Autumnkit is based off of one of my friends,and the other will come later into the story.!! Hope the warrior cats fans will like it!-SM))

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