My Redemption


2. Prologue

Dear Richard,

If your reading this, then I am either dead or I have found it time to tell you the truth. If I am still well then any questions you still have after reading this, I can answer. However, if I am not still among the living you must go find Mr. Hawthorn. (I have attached his address at the end of this letter) He is a good friend of mine and will help you in any way you need. It is quite hard for me to start this letter, it brings back the memories of days I would quite rather have forgotten. Memories that I wish I never had to share with you. Your mother and I wanted to shield you from the truth for as long as we could, but at some point we knew we would have to tell you.


You see, Richard, everything is not as you have always imagined it to be and for your sake you must be told the truth. Don't misunderstand me, your mother and I have never lied to you, buy we have certainly left out a large piece of info that would have changed everything. I suppose in some ways I am a coward for not telling you, yet.. I am not sure where to start. Richard, the world you live in now is so much different from the world I grew up in. While our kingdom is a peaceful place now, it certainly wasn't always this way. People these days are so passive, they will give into nearly anything if only to pass conflictment. I suppose the reason could be found in the past, or rather their past's memories. For nearly twenty years a war raged across our kingdom and several of the surrounding ones too. It swept up everything and everyone and threatened to bring the world as we know it to an end. It  nearly destroyed our homeland and had it not been for the King we probably would have. The Twenty-Year War as it's called was something no one could have imagined, it left no place for neutrality, everyone was forced to pick a side, and there weren't only two. Looking around you now you probably can't believe that this beautiful and peaceful place was ever involved in a war, but it was and it can easily happen again.


You see it isn't always big things that start a war, mostly it's little things taken to the extreme that start wars. If I know you at all, my boy,(which I do as I raised you) you are probably scratching the top of you hand right now and tapping your foot anxiously on the floor trying to decipher what I am saying. Put your hand aside and rest a moment, I will tell you my story. Yes, I think you are old enough to know now.


Richard, when you read my story though, remember this. What happened in the past in not extinct in the future. People learn from their mistakes, but they don't always act upon the things that they have learned. Know this, if you and your peers do not learn from the mistakes I and my peers made, then you will be no better a generation than us. I know you are anxious for me to get to the point, but these words are important. There is one thing I would want you to keep in your mind while reading my story;


Don't let your generation grow to be the silent generation, don't follow everything we did and said thinking (foolishly) that it was right. Don't put our failures to waste by repeating them. We made the mistakes and suffered the consequences so that you could see and learn the same lessons without the price. However, don't think that our mistakes are not available for you to make, and most importantly, don't ever give up. Things that are taken, are not easily taken back.


Enclosed below is my account of everything that caused the Twenty-Year War to start. I have enclosed not only my actions in it, but the actions of my rival General Shubik as well. Don't be afraid to share this letter with others, however don't waste it's precious information with those who you know will not listen. To those whom you share it with that do listen, let me warn you: It will change everything.

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