My Life Changer

He is the one that changed me. I never knew someone could make me so happy. I told my self I would never fall in love again after what he done to me. How bad he hurt me. Turns out I was wrong. I never thought that a simple "Hi" would change my life. Once I saw his gorgeous blue eyes I melted. I never thought that I would ever fall in love again. I especially never thought that the guy that fell for me would ever be who he is. His name would be Louis William Tomlinson.


2. The Worst Day Of My Life

I was heading to Zack's house to surprise him with a movie he has been wanting to see for a really long time that I just went and bought for him. It was a very pretty day and since his house was only a couple of minutes away. To get to Zack's house I decided to take the longer way and walk through the park since it a pretty day. I was in the middle of the park where they had they park benches and they swing sets when I saw a couple kissing on one of the benches. I remember my first kiss was on one of those benches with Zack. That was the best day of my life. I had to go next to the bench because that was the way you had to go to get to Zack's as I got closer I realized it was Zack and some other blonde chick kissing. When I got even closer I yelled out "ZACK WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" with tears streaming down my face. They both looked at me. Zack said to me "Cassie Wait! I can Explain!" but I didn't listen I threw down his movie and ran as fast away as I could to Aubree and my house. Once I got there I realized Zack was following me. 'WHAT DO YOU WANT?!?!?!?" I said "Please Cassie just let me explain" "How could you Zack? I trusted you!" "Cassie please, I'm sorry just let me explain" "Just go away Zack I don't want any explanations from you I know your just going to lie to me...But how could you Zack I thought we were good together" I said still crying very very hard. "Babe I'm sorry please forgive me or let me explain at least" "JUST LEAVE ME ALONE ZACK AND NEVER TALK TO ME AGAIN GO LIVE YOUR HAPPY LIFE WITH THAT BLONDE BITCH BECAUSE APPARENTLY  SHE MAKES YOUR LIFE A WHOLE LOT BETTER THAN I EVER DID!" and with that I slammed the front door I hoped i would never have to see that jerk ever again in my entire life. I just can't believe he would do that. I mean what did I ever do to him? Why does every bad thing have to happen to me? ugh I hate my life. Aubree wasn't home either because she went out to go get something for lunch so I went to take a shower and when I got out I layed on the couch and just cried and cried. I just can't believe Zack would hurt me like that! Once Aubree got home she saw me crying and said "WHATS WRONG BOO?" (oh btw me and Aubree have nicknames for eachother she calls me boo and I call her chickadee) "Za...c....kkkk" I could barely make out my words "What did Zack do to you?" "H...eeee... kissseeddd...annnoottthhhhherrr.girrrrllll.!" "How do you know" "BECAUSE I SAW HIM WITH MY OWN EYES I CAN'T BELIEVE HE WOULD DO THIS TO ME!" "It will be alright boo, just take a nap it will be alright" That was the worst day of my life and the first month it seemed like every day was no better.

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