My Life Changer

He is the one that changed me. I never knew someone could make me so happy. I told my self I would never fall in love again after what he done to me. How bad he hurt me. Turns out I was wrong. I never thought that a simple "Hi" would change my life. Once I saw his gorgeous blue eyes I melted. I never thought that I would ever fall in love again. I especially never thought that the guy that fell for me would ever be who he is. His name would be Louis William Tomlinson.


4. The Incounter

We got our one direction CD and then we decided to shop at other stores for awhile too. Aubree walked into this craft store and since i'm not into crafts and junk I decided to go into this electronic store. I was looking at cases for my Iphone when I saw this weird looking guy staring at me. He had been in the same aisle with me for about 10 minutes and so I said "Whats your problem?" he just looked at me and replied with "Sorry, I just couldn't help myself you are just so beautiful." wow I don't even know this dude and he is saying i'm beautiful "Look I don't mean to sound mean but I don't even know you and you are calling me beautiful." I said trying not to be to mean. He laughed and said "Well here let me take off my disguise and see if you know who I am afterwards." He took off his glasses and took off his hoodie. Once he removed it all I just stared at him not believing who I saw right in front of me. "Know who I am now Love?" he said softly. I couldn't stop staring. I know I look like an idiot right now but you can't blame me Louis William Tomlinson was standing right in front of me. I managed to choke out a few words "Your Louis Tomlinson!" I said still in shock that he was standing right in front of me. "Yup I guess your right, I am Louis Tomlinson." he said with his beautiful british accent. "Can I have your phone number love?" He said. "Sure" I said writing it down on a piece of paper. "Thanks Babe I will be sure to call you later, Well I have to go now babe but I will call you later." He said while leaving the aisle. oh my gosh I can't believe Louis William Tomlinson called me beautiful and asked for my phone number. Even though he is very very handsome I will not fall for him and I will not date him because I mean come on he's a superstar for crying out loud he can have any girl in the world so why would he not hurt me if we dated I mean come on and no matter how cute and handsome he was I was not going to date or fall for him because I will not get hurt again like Zack done to me not ever in my entire life time.

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