Two Girls&One Direction

My first fan fiction. It is about two girls in a college in England named Rose Angeleigh and Brenna. They are major fans of 1D. One day One Direction goes to city near the girls college. They meet One Direction. Then interesting stuff happens...


1. Regular Morning

Rose Angeleigh's P.O.V.

I woke up to the familiar sound of One Direction blarring in the kitchen. Also to the smell of pancakes. I got of Ned and groggily walked into the kitchen. Me and my roommate Brenna share a dorm room(no duh) in a very special type of college further towards the country side of England. The reason this collage is special is because it teaches music and beauty. My roommate is studying to be a musicisn and I'm studying to be a beautition. Any ways in the kitchen Brenna is dancing around like an idiot to Live While We're Young. 

"Morning Rose An. " Brenna said smiling like she just madeout with Louis. (Yes Louis her favorite)

"Morning Brenn" I said while I kept losing eye contact and looking at the plate full of pancakes behind her.


"I'M HUNGRY!!!!!!!"

"Too bad for you. 'Cause you don't get any until you admit I'm a great dancer and me and Louis are meant for each other."

"Fuck that!" I said grabbing two plates from the cupboard.

"C'mon you know me and Louis are perfect for each other!"

"Oh yeah that parts true but you're not a great dancer."

"Shut up and eat your fucking pancakes and hurry cause in case you haven't noticed it's Monday."

"I've noticed and scheduled Monday and Friday off for both of us."

"OMG you're the best!!!!!!!!!"

"And don't you for get it!"

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