Two Girls&One Direction

My first fan fiction. It is about two girls in a college in England named Rose Angeleigh and Brenna. They are major fans of 1D. One day One Direction goes to city near the girls college. They meet One Direction. Then interesting stuff happens...


2. Radio Contest

Brenna's P.O.V.

Rose Angeleigh and i were listening to the local pop radio station. The best part is that they were playing One Direction all day :D 

And that was One Direction with Kiss You Now we have important  news. One Direction is coming to town. The lucky 11th caller will win 2 tickets and backstage passes. And if the boys  fancy you they might have a special surprise for hurry and call the 11th caller will be annoced after One Thing.

Me Rose An. were already on our feet with our phones out calling the station like crazy people. My phone was ringing. When the person from the radio station picked and said "sorry but you aren't the 11thcaller"  I was so upset I yelled "BITCH!!!!!!!" into the phone.


Rose Angeleigh's P.O.V.

My phone was ringing still. Brenna's got answered almost imeaditley. OMG the phone picked up. 'Hello you are the lucky 11th caller. You and 1friend of your chose will see One Direction IN CONCERT AND GET backstage passes. Now could you tell me your name.'

"My name is Rose Angeleigh." I said grinning like a kid at Christmas.

'Well Rose Angeleigh come to the station and puck up your tickets and the concert is Friday.' Then the call ended.

AAAAAAGGGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Me and Brenna screamed at the top of our lungs.

Just then someone knocked on the door.


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