breathe me

lexi, age 18 is an american for new york, new york. she lived a verry happy life unitll she moves to london her freshmen year for her moms job, she attends waterfront high school and is bullied by a mob of popular girls that are jealous of her beauty and soon target her for falling in love with the only guy they want, the famous harry styles.


1. my names lexi

im lexi, age 18. i cry almost EVERY day. i have no friends at this school. well i do have one, her name is kat but shes never here. my mom works at this office that was once in my home town new york but the office got moved to here, london. my mom didnt want to quit because this office makes a lot of money. we live in a really big house, and i get what ever i want because my my mom feels bad that shes never here for me. my dad turned out to be the worst drugie when i was 10 and left my mom for a crack whore who was always over. i dont remember her name it was like christy, chris somthing like that. my sister, dont even let me tell you about her, my god i really wish she was a good girl like me, shes 21 and still lives here but shes never home shes always at a party, or out having sex. and shes really rude to me. she started smoking at age 13, and started sex at 15. well anyway, the girls who treat me like shit are, maddie, tarah, T.J, and sarah. they ake me cry all the time i just wish i had someone. anyone.

  "oh look the dirty whore decided to come out from the bathroom!" yelled maddie "how much is your service again in there, $1 an hour, right"

 " im not a whore leave me alone!" i yelled back with tears stinging my eyes.

"aww the little slut almost made me cry wih that comeback" maddie laughed back "HA! JUST KIDDING!" she shouted agin after a 6 second pause.

i ran down the hallway to the door, im going home its only 20 minutes left of the fucking day anyway. i dont have a car but my house is only a block away anyways so its not a bad walk. i walk past this old lady debra everyday, shes always outside with her 18 year old grandson. hes really hot, i just dont have the guts to talk to him. his name is justin. his parents are dead so he just stays there untill he byes his own house. but, shes not out today. i walked into my house with the sent of fresh baked cookies on the kitchen island with a note on the plate from mom.

" i made you cookies honey, ill be at the office late today untill 10:30, like always i have no clue where your sister is, but try to have a good friday sweetie. oh and if you do see your sister around tell her to call me." i took the note of the plate and ate a cookie. i walked up the stairs to my bedroom. i looked in the mirror as a tear fell from my eye. all the words that maddie has chanted at me ran through my head like a race.







"SHE WILL NEVER BE GOOD ENOUGH" i fell to the floor with anger. i must be strong, but i just cant. i heard the front door open.

"hello...?" i yelled i walked out the room and looked down the steps. it was my sister with a diffrent boy. no suprise.

"oh, its you.. mom wants you to call her, whos the boy?"

"ummm 'the boy' is my boyfriend jacob, and why i dont like talking to mom anyway.!" she snapped back

"your so fucking rude its unreal, thats our mother, what did she EVER do to you all she does is waste her TIME TRYING TO FIX YOUR SORRY ASS!"

"oh. look who knows how to speak up.. how about you do that at school to the girls who tell the truth about you." she said back as she started to walk up the steps to her room.

"off to have sex with him?" i yelled up the steps as she gave me the finger and shut the door. "OHH, BY THE WAY I WILL BE BACK IM GOING TO STARBUCKS!" i yelled so she can hear me.

"OKAY" she yelled back. i walked out the front door down the side walk as my eyes met with justin, i started shaking. hes so hot!

"hey" he said as he put his arm up the fluff his hair.

"h..hh. hi" i blushed

"where you going?" he asked with a half grin

"startbucks" i told him looking down at his black converse

"mmm, sounds nice, see you around?" he asked

"um yeah" i laughed

"alright bye" he flashed a smile at me as i walked away.

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