Which one?

Grace is a teenage psychic. She goes to a dull high school in England and one of her only friends is a ghost that goes by the name Erik. But when One Direction comes to attend her school things change big time.


1. Am I crazy?

"Grace, the doctor is ready to see you now" says the chipper nurse. I am going to die of embarrassment and psychological disorders. I was sitting in the one place I feared the most; the psychology wing. I was surrounded by crazed people rocking back and forth or pointing at things that weren't really there. I walked on trying not to freak out. I entered the bleak white room where a chaise lounge, a stool, and a large leather chair sat. "Good afternoon Grace, I'm doctor Scott. It says on your chart that you have an imaginary friend, is he here with us today?" "Of course I'm here you idiot." Erik mumbled under his breath. Oh god not again! "No, no he isn't" I said bitterly. "What do I have to do to prove I'm not insane?" I spat to the doctor. "We are going to run a series of tests, scans and blood samples to see if you have any abnormalities in your brain." he said blandly. "What's the best possible outcome here doc?" "You could be perfectly healthy and have a sixth sense.". Wow, this day couldn't get any worse. "Yes it can" chuckled Erik (For those of you who don't know who Erik is, he is my "imaginary friend" Doc was talking about). Shut the hole Erik! "Okay fine! Whatever you say, loony". You know you're screwed when your hallucinations say you're crazy. And boy was I screwed indeed!

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