Which one?

Grace is a teenage psychic. She goes to a dull high school in England and one of her only friends is a ghost that goes by the name Erik. But when One Direction comes to attend her school things change big time.


2. All of that for nothing?

For one hour I was carted around in a wheelchair and had been poked and prodded with needles. I had been put in 5 different types of 'scans', given 6 types of fluid filled shots, and handed from one doctor to the next. ERIK! IT HURTS! I mentally screamed as yet another shot found its way into my limp body. "I know it hurts but you have to power through, Angel!" he comforted laying a firm hand on my shoulder. Okay just tell me when it's over. I thought as I faded into darkness.  


awoke in the psychiatrists chair. Alright Grace you've made it through all your medical exams we just have one more test. "WHAT!?" I practically screamed. "It's not a medical test, it's a psychic ability test. These are Zener cards they have a series of patterns on them. We use these-" "To prove I'm not a loony toon." I cut him off. "Precisely, now if your friend Erik is here will he help you." Doc questioned. "Of course I will help you Angel! You will do great!" Erik exclaimed. "We are ready to start Doc." 


"I am impressed Grace! You only got one wrong." said Doc. "So... I'm not nuts, completely hallucinating, or full of it?" I asked feeling confused. "You are a perfectly normal girl, beside the fact that you have a sixth sense." Doc concluded. I did a happy dance and then, "Wait, WHAT? I can see ghosts?" I nearly screamed. "Yes Grace that is one of many abilities you seem to have." Doc said slowly. I'm not an idiot! I'm just... Surprised. "What time is Erik from, if you don't mind me asking?" he said intrigued by my masked French friend. "The late 1800's to early 1900's. Would you like a physical description." I asked politely. "Yes of course!" said the doctor excitedly. Wow, forget interested, this guy was obsessed! "He has shiny jet black hair, wears a suit and a mask, composes music and sings extremely well." I said describing as best as I could. "You forgot charming, handsome, and mysterious Grace!" Erik said with fake hurt. I laughed. "What's so funny?" the doctor asked me. "It was Erik cracking a joke." I giggled. I then remembered I had to get home! "Thanks so much doc! C'ya!" I said skipping out the door. 

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