Fading Away

Skyler Ross is your average 17 year old teen... or that is what everyone thinks. She looks at that cute curly haired boy on the tv and thinks just what every other girl thnks... little does she know they were best friends, more tha best friends they were more like brother and sister. She dosent remember him, but he thinks of her every second of his life. Three years ago skyler was in a car wreck and lost all of her memories. All of her childhood, all of her friends and all of her family, GONE, all lost and never to be remembered. That was untill that "Cute curly haired boy" makes a suprise visit and just when she thinks her world is caving in her brings her back to the past. Will she ever remember or will she be forever


16. Your Love <3

Skylers POV

I walked out of the school and looked down at my phone waiting for his text. I had gone to the doctor this morning and they had put my leg in a full length brace and removed the cast. I could walk now but it was just extremly hard. I got a cold chill and pulled my cover jacket out of my purse. I was wearing a nude colered strapless top and white jeanes. One jean leg was tucked under the brace and the other tightly hugged my leg. My hair blew slightly in the wind as it was in loose curls down my back. My phone beeped and it was from Harry. I looked up and saw his new Audi R8 Coupe. The windows were tented and he had his hood pulled over his head. I walked as fast as I could over to his car and ducked in.

"Hello beautiful" He said

"Hello Handsome" I replied

I turned to look at him and we started leaning in slowly to kiss. Our lips touched and his hand suddenly went down to my waist pulling me closer to him and I wrapped my hand around his neck. He stopped kissing me but left his lips touching mine.

"Anything" He said

"Everything" I replied smiling on his lips.

"I. Remember. Everything" I said inbetween kisses. He let go of me and began driving.

"You look very well dressed to have a broken leg" He looked at me and smiled. "espessialy the heels" He smirked

"What do you think I should wear?" I asked

" I dont know" It was quiet for a few seconds "Lets go shopping"

"Lets what" I asked

"I dont see a bag, and the last time I checked you were going on a 'college tour' for the weekend"

  Yep, thats what I told my mom. A weekend of college tours, deciding where I want to go! She is very easy to fool. In reality I get a whole weekend of Harry.

"Where are we going to go where people do not notice you"

"I dont think any one will notice me" he smirked

"Why" I asked. He pulled off his hood and I gasped.

"Is that a wig?" I asked


He parked the car and pulled me out. We walked aroud the mall for a while picking out every clothing item that I liked. Shoes, dresses, shirts and lots more. We were walking around the mall about to leave when we passed by this store. It had the cutest outfit set out for display.

"Oh my god harry, I love that!" I shreaked and hopped over to it. It was a blue crop top with a pair of ombre shorts that stopped just below your butt.

"How much is it" he asked me.

"Alot" I said and frowned "If we are about to leave I am going to use the bathroom" I smiled and walked off.  I got into the bathroom and looked in the mirror. I quickly reapplied my mascara and checked my leg. I took one last look in the mirror and met harry in the loby to get in the car.

"Where are we going?" I asked

"Away" He said


Harry pulled up to this little hotel and hurred in, while I walked behind him. It was nice. There was a few chairs scattered around the loby and three couches facing a huge fireplace.

"Come on Skyler"

I followed him into the elevator and waited for the ding to signal our floor. We walked into the room and set our stuff down. There was two small beds. On the other side was a door that led into a bathroom and a tiny kitchen with nothing but a fridge and a small stove. I went and set down on the bed and bounced up and down.

"Mum comfy" I said "I could just curl up right here and sleep right now" I smiled and wraped up in my blanket. I felt the bed shift beside me and looked up at Harry.

"We need to talk" He said

"About" I asked shifting in the bed sitting up.

"Us, what are we" he said looking at me.

"What do you mean" I looked at him confused.

"Are we something" He asked

"I want to be something" I smiled

"Good" He kissed my cheek. "Night" He smiled and walked over to his bed.


I feel asleep that night thinking about how much this boy has changed my life.I love him and I loved everything about him. The way he knows exactally how you feel and exactally what to do. His smile and his laugh could light up anyones day. I love the way he would hold me close to him when I was scared at night, and how he would sneak in my window so my parrents wouldnt know. I love him more than anything in the world and he was mine. No one would ever come between us. I am in love with Harry Styles.

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