Fading Away

Skyler Ross is your average 17 year old teen... or that is what everyone thinks. She looks at that cute curly haired boy on the tv and thinks just what every other girl thnks... little does she know they were best friends, more tha best friends they were more like brother and sister. She dosent remember him, but he thinks of her every second of his life. Three years ago skyler was in a car wreck and lost all of her memories. All of her childhood, all of her friends and all of her family, GONE, all lost and never to be remembered. That was untill that "Cute curly haired boy" makes a suprise visit and just when she thinks her world is caving in her brings her back to the past. Will she ever remember or will she be forever


10. Isn't She Lovely<3

Authors Note:

I am SOOOOOOOOOO SORRY i have not updaed. I play volleyball and we have be speending so much time with that i just havent had time!!!! Volleyball is over though so I will hopefully update alot more!!!!! And... Yesterday (april 21) was my birthday!!!!!


  Harrys POV

 "Hey Sky....ler. Skyler, sorry" I looked down at my feet.

"Yes?" She looked up at me. "And you can call me sky if you want. Everyone does" She smiled her beautiful smile and once again Iwas at a loss for words.

"Umm..well...its just that...I thought maybe...that we could possibly...." I sighed and took a deep breath. "Can i have your number?" I said really quickly.

She looked back up at me with a smile growing on her face. "Yea, just let me go get my phone its in the kitchen"

      We exchannged numbers and talked for about an hour before Louis decided we needed to play a game.

"Ok, we are going to play hide and seek. Of course we are all goingto have a partner-"

"Um Lou, there is seven of us" Zayn said.

"Right you are... that is why you will be alone and be the one seeking!"

We all let out a laugh. Poor Zayn, Louis always made him be alone.

 Skylers POV

"I want to be with Jessie!" Niall screamed. Jessie's mouth dropped open and she managed to say ''Okay''

Louis screamed that he wanted to be with Liam. So there I sat sheepishly smiling at Jess.

"Well Harry I guess your with Skyler" Louis stated staring at me.

"Skyler. Kitchen. Now." Jess stood up and walked out waiting for me.

"I will be right back" I stood up and walked out.

I walked into the kitchen to see a concerned looking Jessie.   

"Yes" I said sitting down on the bar stool. 

"You need to be careful" she looked at me sternly.

I raised an eyebrow at her not talking. 

"With har- " I cut her off and laughed "you too Mrs. Horan" I said with a sarcastic tone. 

She laughed at that causing the stern look to leave her face. "I will be careful as long as you are too" I said this and looked at her straight in the eyes. I knew I would win if I did that. 

"Okay, deal now lets go back before they think we left or something.  

We walked back in and they stared at us. ''can to best friends not talk or something" She said and laughed. My phone buzzed in my back pocket. 

Text from: Mom

Hey honey I don't think I am going to make it home tonight will you be okay?

To: Mom 

Yea love you!

From mom:

You too.!!!!

"Sorry my mom wanted to tell me she is not coming home tonight so it is just me and you Jess"

"And us" Liam said smiling.

"and all of you"    

"I am going to count to 50 and at 51 you all better be hidden or your it, ready GO!" Zayn yelled.

Harry grabbed my hand and pulled me out into my back yard. He pulled me up into the tree house and closed the door. The radio was playing Isn't She Lovely by Stevie Wonder. Harry began to sing along. I looked up at him mesmerised by his voice. 

"Dance with me?" he asked

"Harry I cant dance" I laughed

"Well then I'll teach you" he said looking into my eyes. He grabbed my hands and began to spin me around. He stopped spinning me and looked straight in my eyes but this time I did not look away. We stayed like this for a while unsure about his next move. 

I heard a cracking noise outside of the tree house so we both crouched down behind the wall where we could not be seen. Suddenly the door slammed open and Zayn walked in.

"Found you! Gosh Harry this is the stupidest hiding place you could have chosen"

"and you came at the stupidest time ever chosen"

Harry grabbed my hand and pulled me down the tree house and started walking. He let go of my hand and said catch me if you can. He ran away and I chased him, but suddenly he was gone. I looked around as good as I could in the pitch black dark. Then i heard a splash

"help...cant...swi...m...sky....le...r...help..." Harry screamed as he splashed around frantically. Oh. Crap.



Authors Note:

I will update tomorrow...love you  xx  Bye lovelies<3 















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