Fading Away

Skyler Ross is your average 17 year old teen... or that is what everyone thinks. She looks at that cute curly haired boy on the tv and thinks just what every other girl thnks... little does she know they were best friends, more tha best friends they were more like brother and sister. She dosent remember him, but he thinks of her every second of his life. Three years ago skyler was in a car wreck and lost all of her memories. All of her childhood, all of her friends and all of her family, GONE, all lost and never to be remembered. That was untill that "Cute curly haired boy" makes a suprise visit and just when she thinks her world is caving in her brings her back to the past. Will she ever remember or will she be forever


1. Flash Back

    Skylers POV

  I looked at myself one more time in the mirror. I looked at the strapless white lace dress i was wearing. It came down to right above my knees and had a black belt tied in a bow on one side. I let my hair fall naturally wavy and pulled it over to one side. I put my white flats on and walked down the stairs into the kitchen. I was going out to eat with Harrys family and a few friends to celebrate his X-Factor success. I got a water out of the pantry and sat on a bar stool. I saw Harry pull up in the drive way and walked to the front door. 

"Hey Sky!" Harry said

"Hello Harold!" I replied 

Harry just looked at me "I thought you said you would stop calling me Harold?"

I laughed, "Oh I'm sorry is little Mr. Pop star to famous for Harold" i said being sarcastic.  

"No, i just don't like it, oh and by the way i am not a pop star" He smiled and then winked at me.

"Not yet!" i said winking and dragging out the "T" then walking to get in the car, and ride off.

     Harrys POV

She looked so beautiful tonight in that dress. I have always loved Skyler in a sisterly way but then when I was away from her I realized how much i actually missed her. That was when I realized I loved Sky in more than a sisterly way. Skyler thinks we are going out with all of these other people but i have planned a dinner for just the two of us, I am going to tell Skyler how much i love her and that no matter what happens that i will never forget my best friend. I Just have to find the right words.

    Skylers POV


Hello Harry" 

"HARRY, Look out!" i screamed. 

There was a truck heading straight for our car. Then it all went black. Nothing but blackness and the faint sound of sirens. 


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