Fading Away

Skyler Ross is your average 17 year old teen... or that is what everyone thinks. She looks at that cute curly haired boy on the tv and thinks just what every other girl thnks... little does she know they were best friends, more tha best friends they were more like brother and sister. She dosent remember him, but he thinks of her every second of his life. Three years ago skyler was in a car wreck and lost all of her memories. All of her childhood, all of her friends and all of her family, GONE, all lost and never to be remembered. That was untill that "Cute curly haired boy" makes a suprise visit and just when she thinks her world is caving in her brings her back to the past. Will she ever remember or will she be forever


15. Fight for you <3

Skyler's POV in flashback/dream

"Hey mom" Harry said as he walked up to his room.

"Hey Harry" she looked over to me "and Skyler" she said smiling.

"Tomorrow is her birthday so we are going to celebrate" He said and looked at me.

" What are you doing" she asked with a raised eyebrow

"Cant say" he said "Its a surprise" He winked at me. Harry walked upstairs and I sat down on the counter and grabbed a water.

"So your turning 13"

"Yep" I said smiling.

"So you will officially be a teenager" She said and smiled.

"Yea, but I do not think I am going to have a party this year" I paused "Its too much drama"

"Mhm, I see"

"Yea, to many people and then people get left out. Then the next thing you know, everyone is mad at you" I said sighing.

"I am sorry honey, you can go watch the t.v., Harry should be down soon."


I went into the movie room and turned the T.V. on. I looked at the clock. 5, 10, 20 minutes had gone by. I decided to walk up to his room. I knocked, no answer.

"Harry" I waited "Hey are you in there?" I asked and pushed open his door. He was not there. I saw that his bedroom window was open. I walked over to his bed where I was a note that read RoseGarden? I smiled and ran down the stairs. I grabbed my bag and ran out the door all the way to the theater. I stopped running to catch my breath and repositioned my hair. I knew why we were here I have wanted to see the new movie that came out for weeks and harry was finally taking me!

* * * * * 

My eyes flew open and I reached over to my night table to turn my light on. I grabbed my sweat shirt and crutches. I knew what the note meant. RoseGarden was the theater the me and Harry had out first 'date' at. I quietly sneaked out of the house and hoped down the bus station. I sat there alone on the but at 3 in the morning impatiently waiting to get to the theater. The driver kept looking back at me. 'oh my gosh, watch the road, don't take your eyes off the road' I kept thinking.

The bus stopped and I got up to get of. I handed the lady her money and got off the bus. I hopped o my crutches down to the theater. There were cop cars all around the theater. Over to one side there was the one direction bus with all four of the boys. I guess they were going to help 'look' for Harry. I slowly made my way over there picking up a little rock. There were not many fans due to the time it was, but there were a few. I made my way to the front as close to there car as i could get. I tossed the little rock at the car, letting it hit right beside Liam's head. He looked over and furrowed his eyebrows. He said something to Paul and walked over to me. 

"Skyler, what the heck are you doing"

"What do you think I am doing" I whisper yelled back to him.

"Have you talked to Harry" He asked me

"Well if you consider being pushed up against the wall and kissed talking, than yes, we have" I looked up at him.

"Look I know you know that me and Harry knew each other. I know that you know I was in a crash and lost my memory, and I know that you don't truly believe he is missing, because he is not"

"What do you mean he is not missing" He asked.

"My mom hates him and when he kissed me she forced him to leave. I haven't seen him since. Then I watched the news and saw the note that he left. When we were kids I would come there with Harry and we would play hide and go seek in the hallways when the movie was over. He left the note because it was the only way for him to talk to me" 

"So your memory is back?" He asked

"Is that all that you got out of that?" I said.

"And yes my memory is back. I didn't get it at first but I understand now. Liam, I need a way in there"

"I'll go talk to Paul, come on you can come with"

He lifted up the tape and let me go under it.

* * * * * 

"Ma'am, are you saying you have contacted Mr. Styles in the past 12 hours?"

"Yes. If you would please just let me go in I can guarantee you he has not been kidnapped"

"I am sorry we can not let you in"

I turned around and looked at Liam

"Its okay, there is a back entrance" he whispered in my ear. "Thank you officer" He said. 

* * * * *

"Do we really have to sneak in" I said looking at Liam

"Paul is doing security at the back, he will let us in" He said.

We walked around to the back and up the the other boys.

"Ready?" Niall said

"Ready" we all said back.

"Come on boys" Paul said "Skyler" he added.

He opened the door and we all walked in. It was dark so we all turned on our flash lights.

"Where was his favorite place to hide?" Louis asked.

"Normally he would hide in the storage closets on the fifth hall" I pointed with my flashlight in the direction of the fifth hall "Its that way" I said and started walking. We turned a corner and came up on the doors that lead to the fifth hall.

"This place gives me the creeps" Niall said. "Why did it close in the first place?" He asked.

"Fire" I said

"Where" Liam asked

"The first three halls burnt down and when they tried to rebuild they ran out of money"

"How did it catch on fire?" Louis asked

"No one knows" I said and opened the door to the hall. I looked up and down it. I heard a door open and close, it made me jump.

"Come on" I said. We walked down to the storage closet and stood in front of it. I reached for the handle when Liam pulled my hand away.

"What if its not Harry" He said

"Well who else would it be" I said and rolled my eyes. I grabbed the handle and pulled open the door. No Harry, but there was a note. 


I am sorry I had to leave again but your mom probably watches the news and would see us together. I will get you from school tomorrow. I am going to walk out of this theater and let everyone know I am okay.

PS. I know you remember if you are reading this. I love you. Harry

* * * * *





















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