Fading Away

Skyler Ross is your average 17 year old teen... or that is what everyone thinks. She looks at that cute curly haired boy on the tv and thinks just what every other girl thnks... little does she know they were best friends, more tha best friends they were more like brother and sister. She dosent remember him, but he thinks of her every second of his life. Three years ago skyler was in a car wreck and lost all of her memories. All of her childhood, all of her friends and all of her family, GONE, all lost and never to be remembered. That was untill that "Cute curly haired boy" makes a suprise visit and just when she thinks her world is caving in her brings her back to the past. Will she ever remember or will she be forever


3. Alone... Again

I had been sitting down on my couch for 30 minuets waiting for Jes to show up. We were going to go shopping for clothes for the new year of school. I decided to text her to figure out where she was. 

To Jessie: Hey Jes are you still coming

From Jessie: Sorry babe cant come today ;( too much homework. Tomorrow?

To Jessie: Oh it will be ok. Tomorrow wont work though neither will thursday or friday. :(

From Jessie: Wednesday it is ;) bye see you at school tomorrow :D

To Jessie: Bye babe, and yes Wednesday works PERFECT! love you, see you at school.

  I walked out to the pool and put my feet in the water. I did this when i wanted to think. It was so quiet today, no road noise or laughing kids anymore. They are all inside doing homework or sitting around complaining about their first day of school. My parents are huge business people, they are almost never home in the afternoon, only me. I put my hair in a messy bun and pulled my sunglasses down to cover my eyes. I leaned back and laid down with my feet still in the pool. I just stayed there thinking about my life, well the three years I could remember, and tried so hard to remember just one thing about my life before. No matter how many times i tried or how long i tried i just couldn't. The doctor told me to focus on the future and not to spend to long on my past but, i want to know. Mom told me nothing, she said the more she told me the more time I would spend on it and something about how i would try to put pieces together and just get confused. There is something that she is hiding though, I can see it. She will get these calls and every time it is the same thing, Yes she is fine.......... No not yet.............I will tell you when it is time........Yes she still doesn't know.............. I cant tell her now........Good Bye. The same call every night, the same thing every time. What don't i know? When it is time to do what? What cant i be told? Why? I just wish none of this happened.

My thoughts were disturbed by my mother saying "Sky I'm home"  

   I sat up and wiped away a tear that had escaped my eye. 

"Hey mom" I said walking into the room she was in. 

"What were you doing out there?" she ask me this every time she sees me doing it.

"Nothing mom I told you it just relaxes me" 

"You need to let it go honey, thinking about your past will just make it worse." she looked at me and said "How many times do we need to go over this?" 

I let another tear fall from my eye "Yea I know, forget the past look into the future, blah this, blah that, It will help you to move on to better things. I know the problem now mom, Ive listened to those phone calls mom. You are hiding something from me, everyone is. When I ask someone at school about my past they just get all quiet and say that was three years ago, they don't remember. I am sick and tired of all the lies and secrets i just want to know who the real Skyler Ross is. My best friend wont even talk to me about it. I just want the truth!" I screamed at my mother. I know i shouldn't have, i just lost my temper. I ran to my room and slammed the door. I sat on my bed and cried and cried. I needed someone, but i was all alone, i had no one.


Authors Note:

sorry for any spelling mess ups or grammar mess ups. it is like 2 in the morning and i cant sleep so yep!!!!!! Back to the book :P        








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