The Diary of a Magical Muggleborn

I was minding my own business one day at home, sipping my favorite lemon tea, when the strangest thing happened. An owl flew in through the open window and dropped a piece of parchment onto the couch beside me. Startled, I broke the red seal on the envelope and read - what? I was reading a letter from Hogwarts. And I had been accepted. It was time to say goodbye to my boring muggle life and say hello to the life of a witch! But there was one catch - I only had a week to show that I was capable of magic. Because this was part of a new experiment - an experiment to see if there really is magic in each and every one of us, muggle or wizard.


1. The Train

I can't imagine how dumbfounded I looked as I stared at the brick wall. It was a very solid brick wall, with dust gathering between the stones and an air of being very well built. I watched as assorted owl-bearing children hustled into the brick column,  pushed on by their anxious and jittery parents. But I was here alone, because my family didn't have a magical bone in their bodies. And until just a few days before, I hadn't known that I did. But apparently the headmaster of Hogwarts, Professor McGonnogall, saw something in me that gave her the inclination to invite me to study witchcraft and Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Bearing the belief in mind that I had some type of magical ability, I checked all around me for watching passersby, and finding none, ran headfirst into the wall. 

Somewhat to my surprise, I made it through to the platform beyond. Platform 9 & 3/4 was an interesting place, where the smallest children held their parents hands and waved at their robe-adorned siblings. Those who were old enough to head off to school lugged their suitcases and other luggage onto the stunning scarlet train that stood in wait on the tracks. I watched in awe as men and women made their children's luggage float, as if with soaring wings, through the air and onto compartments on the train cars with elaborate wand motions. I couldn't understand how I had any right to be here, in a place where magic was a daily ritual and an everyday routine.

Anyway, I continued forward and loaded all of my things onto an empty compartment on the train - by hand, of course. I plopped down into the cushy crimson seats and swung my legs back and forth in a nervous fashion. I was so scared to be going to a school where I would have to start completely from scratch. In my old normal - I mean muggle - school, I had been top in almost every subject. Learning came easy to me, but I wasn't sure it would be the same with magic. 

As I sat, deep in anxious thought, a tall, handsome blonde boy rushed past my compartment. I stuck my head out the glass doors and stared at him, apparently more obviously than I had meant to. He turned around, sneered at me, and continued up the aisle. He had chilly crystal-blue eyes and a stare that could either make you start or make you want to crawl into a hole and die. 

A few minutes behind him came a short redheaded girl with loads of freckles and a sweet smile. 

"I'm Rose Weasley," she beamed, taking my hand and shaking it. I just looked at her for a moment before responding with my name and asking if she'd mind keeping me company. She sat down across from me, still smiling, and began to ask questions.

"So are you muggleborn, or are you of pure blood? Not that it matters to me, I'm just curious, " she wondered.

"I'm muggleborn. I don't even understand how I have any magic in me. I don't deserve it, " I admitted. She looked at my with pity. 

"Beware of the Slytherins, " she whispered, nodding behind her towards the adjacent compartment. I hadn't even realized that the blue-eyed boy had made himself comfortable there with some of his apparent friends. They were all snickering in my direction and laughing about some joke the boy had obviously just told. 

Noticing my somewhat annoyed expression, Rose let out an indignant snort. "They're obnoxious and arrogant," she informed me, as if I couldn't already tell. "The black-haired girl is Isabelle. Half her family is muggles, but you'd never know it by the way she talks about the non-magical race. Then those two, the twins with the blonde hair and green eyes? That's Hazel and Linus. They just copy everyone else since they aren't intelligent enough to make their own decisions, even with their brains put together. And the white-blonde kid is Scorpious. He's a Malfoy, so of course he's even more arrogant and obnoxious than the other ones. Those four together are the epitome of the Slytherin personality. I wouldn't mix with them if I were you." She concluded as she stuck her tongue out at the Slytherins, who responded with exceedingly rude hand gestures. 

All of a sudden, the train jolted forward. Rose leaned back, smiling. 

"I can't wait to start my second year, and I must say it'll be interesting to finally be able to bully the little first-years like you!" She winked, giggling. I half-smiled, not willing to tell her that if I couldn't prove my magic skills, my first year would only last a week. You see, I had been accepted into a special program at Hogwarts called MAP - (Muggle Acceptane Program). MAP was a group of muggleborn students chosen because they excelled in their old muggle schools and had absolutely no family members with any magical background. The program's goal was to gain acceptance across the board in the wizarding world for muggleborns by showing that they have just as much magical potential as any pure blood. But if I didn't show any sign of powerful magic and magical learning ability in a week, I would be kicked out of Hogwarts. And although it might seem like an easy task, since I was accepted into Hogwarts as a true witch, casting spells and mixing potions was going to be a major challenge for a girl who was used to English, math, and social studies. 

Hoping I was up to the challenge and with a growing mixture of fear and excitement in my gut, I stared at the window at the passing trail to Hogwarts.


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