The Diary of a Magical Muggleborn

I was minding my own business one day at home, sipping my favorite lemon tea, when the strangest thing happened. An owl flew in through the open window and dropped a piece of parchment onto the couch beside me. Startled, I broke the red seal on the envelope and read - what? I was reading a letter from Hogwarts. And I had been accepted. It was time to say goodbye to my boring muggle life and say hello to the life of a witch! But there was one catch - I only had a week to show that I was capable of magic. Because this was part of a new experiment - an experiment to see if there really is magic in each and every one of us, muggle or wizard.


5. The Headmaster

"March!" commanded Madame Hooch, pointing towards the castle. She turned and strode ahead of us, leading us all the way into the castle and towards what appeared to be a solid wall. With a wave of her wand, Madame Hooch opened up a door in the stone, beyond which a spiral staircase extended upward. Hanging our heads, Rose, James, and I plodded up the stairs and into the headmaster's quarters. Madame Hooch followed us, telling us to wait in front of the large wooden desk at the room's center while she got the headmaster. Moments later, McGonogall swept out into the room, her forest green robes gathering around the base of her chair as she sat down behind the desk. 

She was a tall, birdlike woman with large eyes and a constantly upturned chin. She had  very demanding air about her, and I perceived her to be strict but not unkind. She sat, listening to Madame Hooch's side of the story and nodding occasionally. Then she turned to us.

"James Potter and Rose Weasley, causing trouble again I see. I couldn't expect much less, based on your family history." she raised her eyebrows at them, shaking her head. "Thank you, Madame Hooch, for delivering them to me. You may return to your rest now." With a tight nod, Madame Hooch left the room. Once she had, the headmaster relaxed a bit. 

"Potter and Weasley, I was hoping you would at least wait a week before causing some amount of mischief.  But as it is only the morning of your third day here this semester and really you didn't cause much of a disturbance, I won't deduct any points from Gryffindor. But you will help Madame Hooch clean the Quidditch stands tomorrow morning, at 8 AM sharp." James and Rose groaned, each moaning "Yes, ma'am". Then McGonogall turned to me. 

"You must be Gallagher. I also won't deduct any points from Slytherin for this misconduct. And, because you are brand new to our school, I will only ask you to report to my office at 8 AM sharp on Sunday morning to help me organize some things. But from now on, please follow our rules here. They are, for the most part, only there to keep our students safe." She turned to each of us individually, nodding. Then she smiled a bit. 

"Now, back to sleep with you. It's five o'clock, and some of you need to be up early." 

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