The Diary of a Magical Muggleborn

I was minding my own business one day at home, sipping my favorite lemon tea, when the strangest thing happened. An owl flew in through the open window and dropped a piece of parchment onto the couch beside me. Startled, I broke the red seal on the envelope and read - what? I was reading a letter from Hogwarts. And I had been accepted. It was time to say goodbye to my boring muggle life and say hello to the life of a witch! But there was one catch - I only had a week to show that I was capable of magic. Because this was part of a new experiment - an experiment to see if there really is magic in each and every one of us, muggle or wizard.


3. The First Day

My eyes shot open. Slytherin? I was supposed to be avoiding the Slytherins, and that wasn't something I minded. Just like Rose said, they were arrogant, obnoxious, and rude. But since I was one of them, I hustled over to their long, green-adorned table. I never saw the apple tart coming. 

It went flying through the air, directly at my chest, covering me in gooey apple slices and powdery white sugar. I stared down at myself, my brand new robes now a mess, suddenly more angry than I had ever been. I knew who had thrown it; Scorpious was snickering at the far end of the table. I vowed at that moment that I would get back at him, no matter what it took. So I sat down right next to him and flicked some of the powdered sugar right into his face with a smirk. He just looked at me, clearly wishing there was more he could do to embarass me. But the Sorting Hat was choosing the future of another first year.

"Weasley, Rose!" 

A timid Rose tip-toed up to the stool and slid onto it, staring wide-eyed at the hat as she placed it on her head. It seemed to speak to her for a few moments before shouting, "GRYFFINDOR!" 

About an hour went by, with the Sorting Hat occasionally yelling out House names between the students nibbling on tarts and strudels and sipping teas and pumpkin juice. When the ceremony was finally over, the other Slytherins and I followed Henry Hudgekins, a stout-nosed Prefect, down into our dungeon common room. Drained from nerves and sluggish from the feast, I pulled myself into bed in the girls dormitory as fast as I could, trying to ignore Hazel's monstrous snoring in the bed next to mine. I didn't sleep much, slipping between half-consciousness and an anxious state of awakeness. I had classes in the morning - Defense Against the Dark Arts, Charms, History of Magic, and Potions - and I was slightly nervous, to say the least. Of course, I realized that there would be members of the other Houses in some of my classes, but who would want to make friends with a Slytherin? 

Before I knew it, it was time to wake up and get dressed. I pulled on my new black and green robes, grabbed my unicorn-hair and oak wand, and pulled my long brown hair into a loose ponytail. Gathering up my textbooks as I left, I escaped the dorm and the common room without anyone noticing me. 

My first class of the day was Defense Against the Dark Arts. Our professor, who was just beginning his first year at Hogwarts as well, (there still seemed to be a curse on the job,) was a tall thin man named Professor Protero. "Professor Philius Protero, to be precise," he told us. He proved to be rather clumsy, and the class proved to be more of one giant history lesson encompassing the life of Harry Potter and the defeat of the Dark Lord Voldemort than it did a hands-on lesson. But Protero's excited announcement at the end of class - "I promise you practical lessons to come!" - made me look forward to the rest of the semester. 

Next came Charms, where tiny Professor Flitwick made us read several pages from The Standard book of Spells and then had us practice turning a beetle into a matchstick. My beetle kept crawling onto another slytherin first year named Yeda Jughorn's desk, who, after being thoroughly annoyed by the pesky insect, proceeded to stab it to death with her quill pen. I spent the rest of the class attempting to clean up the smashed bits of beetle.

Third I had History of Magic. This proved to be the most boring class of the day, as Proffesor Binns proved to be a piece of history himself. A literal ghost, he floated just above a stack of books by the front of the class and lectured for the entire class period. Asleep for half of the class, I found myself jolted awake by a sharp poke on the back of the head in the middle of Binns' speech. 

"Gnargles!" Another rude poke to the neck. I twisted around, glad to see Eva Longbottom sitting cross-legged in a seat behind me. I smiled at her, and she smiled back.

"Well hello, new Slytherin!" she giggled, winking. "I see that the gnargles around your head have multiplied. Have you tried radishes for them?" She swatted again at the air around my head, attracting the attention of Binns who momentarily paused his lecturing to scold us. 

"Sorry," we apologized in unison, pretending to pay attention for a moment before turning back to talk to each other. 

"Which House are you in, Eva?" I inquired. 

"Oh, Gryffindor! A noble house, indeed! My father was a Gryffindor," she whispered excitedly. "And you're in Slytherin! Not a particularly 'noble' house, in the most perfect sense of the word, but there certainly have been noble Slytherins within it! I'm certain you'll be a noble Slytherin, Valerie!" She beamed at me before folding her hands in her lap and turning her attention back to Professor Binns. (Mind you, she was the only one paying attention in the entire room.) I decided to simply fall back to sleep.

My final class of the day, Potions, was both the most enjoyable and the worst for me. I liked reading through the lists of strange magical ingredients and looking at the pictures of grotesque mutilations that were the result of potions gone wrong or reading the success stories of talented potion makers. However, I had expected it to be just like the other classes - a mix of first years from all the different houses - but there were older students in this class, too. Which would have been fine, if the handful of older students didn't happen to be Scorpious, Hazel, Linus, and Isabelle. At first, it seemed they didn't notice me - Isabelle and Scorpious were busy snogging, while Hazel and Linus stole each other's ingredients while the other looked away. But about half way through the period, while I was chopping up some kind of magical gizzard to mix into my Antidote to common Poisons, my cauldron suddenly turned a shade of sickly green and began to bubble over. 

"What is going on, Miss Gallgher?" shouted a frustrated Professor Till, who had been rushing around to help the other students and had noticed my agitated potion. 

"I have no idea!" I answered. "I was just cutting up my next ingredient and I turned around and - " 

"I'll fix it, " interrupted an unlikely voice. Scorpious, rolling his eyes at my apparent stupidity, strode over and poured some strange blue powder into my cauldron. The potion simmered down and turned a shade of pale lavendar - the exact shade it was supposed to be. At first, I was grateful - then I noticed the smirk on his face and the bag in his hand labeled Weasley's Weezes: Bubbling Broth Bombs. Realizing that I had seen the pouch, he shook it at me behind his back where no one else would see it. Even though it was a stupid prank, I knew he had more in store for me. 

With Potions and the school day over, I headed to the Great Hall for supper. My first day hadn't gone too badly, but it hadn't been particularly eventful either - the highlight of the day was my short conversation with Eva, and a close second was letting my beetle from Charms crawl along my arm before its untimely death. Supper itself could be considered a highlight, too, with a menu that included a juicy steak for the main course, pumpkin juice for a drink, and pastries upon pastries for dessert. The endless dishes - tarts, potatoes, fritters, fudges, fruits,vegetables, anything you can imagine - were equally delectable. I was actually a bit sad when the food stopped coming and Henry Hudgekins trudged us back down to the common room. 

As I slipped into my warm sheets, ready to go to sleep, I felt something cold and slimy move along my feet. I jolted up and squealed as a small brown toad hopped onto the floor and away down the staircase into the common room. Hazel, who I had believed to be asleep, laughed and said "Goodnight, Gallgher, you slimy toad!" and turned over onto her stomach. I suppose I couldn't have expected anything less from a crony of Scorpious Malfoy, so I rolled my eyes and crawled back into bed, checking for frogs as I went. I had never fallen asleep so easily. 



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