The Diary of a Magical Muggleborn

I was minding my own business one day at home, sipping my favorite lemon tea, when the strangest thing happened. An owl flew in through the open window and dropped a piece of parchment onto the couch beside me. Startled, I broke the red seal on the envelope and read - what? I was reading a letter from Hogwarts. And I had been accepted. It was time to say goodbye to my boring muggle life and say hello to the life of a witch! But there was one catch - I only had a week to show that I was capable of magic. Because this was part of a new experiment - an experiment to see if there really is magic in each and every one of us, muggle or wizard.


7. Studying

Sunday turned into Monday, and it was time to really buckle down on my studies. I woke up even earlier than usual, dressed, and headed down to the Great Hall for breakfast. Standing at the end of the Slytherin table, I noticed that there were no empty seats or empty plates. Ready to just grab a muffin of some kind and head back down to the common room, I was stopped by Malfoy calling my name. I walked over to him, plastering a smirk across my face. 

"Want to go for another swim, Malfoy?" I asked mockingly. He just looked up at me as I stood there, hands on my hips. 

"No, thanks," he said slowly. "I was actually going to ask if you wanted to sit here." 

My mouth twisted in astonishment. Why would he want me to sit by him, after what I did? And why did he think I would actually want to sit with him, after how he had treated me? As I was about to sit down beside him, he put his hand down. With a sort of confused expression on his face, he mumbled, "You know what, never mind." Annoyed, I grabbed a flask of pumpkin juice and a fruit tart and stood by myself at the end of the table. Something was clearly bothering Malfoy - not that I cared what it was.

The day only got more interesting as it went on. During Defense Against the Dark Arts, Professor Protero finally let us practice some defensive spells, but not against the dummies - against each other. My partner, Julianne Wood, was a jittery fifth year who constantly jumped up and down and pretending to be playing Quidditch instead of casting spells. I used expelliarmus on her three times before she realized she was supposed to do it back.  She mumbled something about an upcoming Quidditch match, and then returned the favor by disarming me. 

In Charms, Professor Flitwick insisted that we continue practicing wingardium leviosa. I was so good at it that I made my feather flutter over to Olivia Pennet, a quiet first year from Ravenclaw. It tickled the back of her neck, and she turned to me, giggling. I smiled at her, and she smiled back. She flicked her wand at the immobile feather on her desk, accidentally setting it on fire. Flitwick hobbled over as fast as he could on his tiny legs and beat the feather with a book to put it out, much to the amusement of the rest of the class. In a fit of panic, the professor suggested that we all just read a few pages in our textbooks for the rest of the period.

Amazingly, History of Magic was the most interesting course of the day. It appeared that Professor Binns had discovered a new tactic for keeping our attention. He was now dressed up in a rather clown-like Salazar Slytherin costume, with a great green toy snake wrapped around him. He floated from wall to wall, shouting his lecture as if he was performing on stage instead of reciting it as he usually did. Near the end of class, he began bowing erratically  his see through head nearly touching the floor. My face shot upward, startled by the sound of very loud whooping and clapping coming from near the ceiling  All of the Hogwarts ghosts were floating along the top of the classroom, cheering as if there favorite Quidditch team had just won the World Cup. 

Potions was certainly an interesting class. Not only were we beginning to brew a very difficult potion - Polyjuice Potion, which makes the drinker appear as someone or something else - but we were to do it with partners. Naturally, I was partnered with Malfoy, who was strangely quiet for the entire time. At first, it made me feel triumphant, as if he was afraid of me; after a while it just got disconcerting. I chose to just ignore it and act normal, asking him to pass me powdered bicorn, knotgrass,  fluxweed, and Boomslang skin as I needed them. When it was time to return to the Great Hall for dinner, he was silent and the first to leave the class. Perplexed but unsure of what his problem was, I made my way to the Great Hall as well. 

Prepared to stand alone again, I made my way to the end of the table nearest the teachers. An outstretched hand stopped me in my path. It was Malfoy again. 

"What do you want this time, Malfoy?" I demanded. He hesitated, considering my question. 

"Just sit here," he said, some of the usual commanding manner returning to his voice. 

"There's no where to sit," I answered, looking down at Hazel pressed up next to him. To my surprise, he shoved her over with his shoulder. She turned to him and slapped him across the face with a small harrumph. He turned back to his food, and I sat beside him, unsure of what else to do. We ate dinner in awkward silence.

I was the first Slytherin to leave the Great Hall that evening, intending to get back to the common room early and study. About halfway down the stairs to the dungeon, Malfoy came running up behind me, breathing heavily as if he had just run all the way from the dinner table. 

"Gallagher, wait!" he yelled from behind me. I stopped where I was, wondering what he could possibly want from me. For a moment, I wondered if I shouldn't just keep walking in case this was another of his tricks. But something stopped me. Perhaps it was curiosity. 

"Are you going to study?" he breathed as he caught up to me. I nodded slowly, wondering where this was going. "Could I look at Magical Drafts and Potions with you? I don't know where I left mine." 

"...I guess so," I said hesitantly. We walked the rest of the way to the common room together, again in awkward silence. I walked in first and headed upstairs to get my Potions book while he waited.

Coming back downstairs, I didn't see him anywhere in the darkness. Thinking he had decided better of studying with me, I jumped down the last two steps into the room - not seeing him stretched out on the floor next to the couch. I landed right on top of him, my feet on his chest, and he screeched in pain. 

"Who in hell lies on the floor when there's a perfectly good couch?" I questioned him. 

"People that appreciate the comfort of the finest rugs made in Hogsmeade," he said, his mouth twisted in an attempt at a half smile. I tried not to laugh, but I couldn't, and before I knew it we were both in gales of laughter. 

"Let's get to studying," I giggled. We sat on the couch, trying to avoid sitting close to each other. Eventually, though, we ended up right next to each other, both leaning over a page about antidotes to uncommon poisons. We were reading silently to ourselves, but I decided to read one section aloud, not understanding its meaning.

"Some of the cures for rare toxins, such as the bezoar, can be found in a large range of unlikely places. For example, the bezoar itself comes from the stomach of a goat. But it can also be discovered in grassy valleys and mistaken for a rock, since it is stonelike," I read, laughing a little bit to myself. "I don't get why anyone would be looking for something like that in a field," I said. 

"Maybe they weren't looking for it, but they found it by mistake," Malfoy said thoughtfully. I looked up at him, not exactly sure what he meant by that. He had a strange look on his face, like he had something to say but didn't quiet know how to put it. He opened his mouth quickly and then shut it, looking down at me. I raised my eyebrows, inviting him to say whatever it is he was about to, but apparently he didn't have the words. As I was about to turn back towards the textbook, he grabbed my face in one hand and turned it gently back up towards his - and kissed me. 


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