They Don't Know About Us

Jamie, a 23 year old girl, has a horrible past with her best friend's (Chantal) current boyfriend, but nobody is sure what happened. Jamie, being now depressed/insecure, is too ashamed to tell her best friend the danger of her boyfriend. Chantal is madly in love with Blake (her boyfriend). Jamie will never be the same knowing the danger of being around Blake. The girls face new dramas, settle into their new relationships and start to forget the horrors of their pasts.


8. Chapter 8

Jamie's POV:

I can't believe I just told Harry that. My biggest secret. I haven't told anyone that, not even my best friend. I trust Harry so much. Even though it has only been one night, it feels like it has been years. 


Harry's POV:

Seeing Jamie cry makes me want to cry. I can't let her cry. It is so sad. All I could do is comfort her. We are driving to my place because Jamie probably doesn't want to go home with Chantal and probably Blake. She is crying in the little corer of my car. What should I do? 


Jamie's POV:

I should stop crying. I'm making myself look like an idiot in front of Harry. Tonight was a weird night. I just can't wait to go to Harry's house... All of the sudden, while driving, Harry reaches over and rubs my back. It feels nice to know he is there for me. How the fuck was I living without him before.


Harry's POV:

"Babe, do you want anything to eat or something?" I said to make things less awkward.

"Sure, do you?" She said.

"Hmm.. What do you want? There is an in-n-out right around the corner" I said to Jamie.

"Yeah lets go" Jamie said.

I drive to in-n-out and open the door for Jamie once we get there. She was freezing. I gave her my jacket. She is so adorable.


Jamie's POV:


"What would you like to order" the lady behind the counter says. By the look on her face, you could tell she would rather be anywhere else but here. Harry puts his arm around me and kisses me on the forehead. 

"Yes, I would like a double hamburger with french fries and a milkshake" I say. I thought I would try to be good, but I can't.

It's In-N-Out.


Harry's POV:

I'm so glad Jamie eats a lot. I love a girl who loves eating. She is so cute. I don't understand how a girl so small can eat such a big meal, but then again, people used to say that about me, before I started going to the gym. I order my usual meal, a double hamburger with friends and a pepsi, and we sit down. 


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