They Don't Know About Us

Jamie, a 23 year old girl, has a horrible past with her best friend's (Chantal) current boyfriend, but nobody is sure what happened. Jamie, being now depressed/insecure, is too ashamed to tell her best friend the danger of her boyfriend. Chantal is madly in love with Blake (her boyfriend). Jamie will never be the same knowing the danger of being around Blake. The girls face new dramas, settle into their new relationships and start to forget the horrors of their pasts.


7. Chapter 7

Harry's POV: 

We get out of the car and Jamie runs to the door of the club, but it is closed. OH MY GOD. JAMIE! She must be feeling horrible! Whatever is wrong with Blake is really getting in the way of tonight for her. 


Jamie's POV: 

NO IT CANT BE CLOSED! NO! NO! NO! I start to bang on the doors as loud as possible, so that anybody inside would hear. Chantal and Blake could not have left together! WHAT IF THEY SLEEP TOGETHER. 

"HEY YOU!" a man opened the door from the now closed club. "Ya you! Stop banging on my door! Nobody allowed in, its C-L-O-S-E-D!

"Sorry sir" I say. I sit down on the front step and brake down. I can't do this. That dumb piece of shit my friend calls her boyfriend is a duche. I need to tell Chantal! Tomorrow I will! 


Harry's POV:

have never seen a girl so upset before in her life. If only I knew how to cheer her up. At this point she is crying into her lap. Poor love. I lean into her and let her face dig into my left shoulder. Crying into my shoulder, I rub her back. The warmth of her body leaning on mine was the only thing keeping me warm outside at night. When she settles down I start to kiss her, seeing her so sad, just makes me attracted to her more. I kiss her up and down her neck and finally she picks her head up, I immediately start to kiss her all over her face, her forehead, lips, and cheeks. Her skin is so soft, and her lips are coated with strawberry lip balm. I finally gain the courage to ask her what has been on her mind, maybe not the best idea, but I need to at least try to help. If all else fails, at least she knows I care. 


"Hey Jamie" I say grabbing her attention "Babe" she looks up into my eyes. Her big brown eyes staring up at me. 

"Yes, Harry" she says.

"Babe, I know you have obviously had a rough night, but I want you to know I'm here for you."

"Thanks babe" she says embracing me into a tight hug digging her head into my chest. 

"So what is this all about? Would you tell me?" I ask, crossing my fingers she wouldn't blow. 

"Babe, but no judging, no telling, and no commenting. OK?"

"Yes mame" I say, making her smile a little.

Jamie's pov:

Harry is a trustworthy guy I think, and anyways who would he tell? I think it's safe to tell him. I need to tell somebody before I explode. 


"It was last summer, Blake and I were going out. I loved him. He was the love of my life. My everything. My soul. My heart. My breath. Until one day. We decided we would DO it. That we had been dating long enough, and I felt ready. BUT while getting ready I began to think, think about what is at risk. I decided not to have sex with Blake. He was mad you could tell. He wanted to get with me. SOOO he gave me a few beers and wines, and got me drunk and raped me. Then and there. Everytime I look at that son of a bitch, I just... "

There was a long pause as I tried to hold myself together. 

"ONLY he and I, and now you know about it. It was the most painful and terrifying experience of my life. AND I WILL NOT LET THAT HAPPEN TO CHANTAL IF I CAN TRY!"

"OH MY GOD BABE! I'm so sorry! We can take it SUPER slow! We don't even have to have kids, if thats what you want! But all I know is I want to spend the rest of my life with you Jamie" Harry said. You could tell by the look in his eyes he meant know harm and would listen and respect me. 

"I love you too, babe. Forever and always" I said. "Thank you for being there for me Harry" At this point I can't hold back another round of tears, they are falling out like a river. 

"Hey babe! Hey! Don't cry! I'm here! I want let Blake get near you EVER again!|" Harry said. And when he said this I knew he meant it, but at this point I was really scared about Chantal. "Here babe, let me take you back to my house." Harry says. What a cutie he is. 

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