They Don't Know About Us

Jamie, a 23 year old girl, has a horrible past with her best friend's (Chantal) current boyfriend, but nobody is sure what happened. Jamie, being now depressed/insecure, is too ashamed to tell her best friend the danger of her boyfriend. Chantal is madly in love with Blake (her boyfriend). Jamie will never be the same knowing the danger of being around Blake. The girls face new dramas, settle into their new relationships and start to forget the horrors of their pasts.


4. Chapter 4

Jamie's POV:

Breathe... Breathe... I don't know what to say. All I can think is don't make yourself look like an idiot. Don't screw this up. I haven't been in a relationship in a long time and I don't want to go too fast. UGHGH why am I getting so nervous.


Harry's POV:

Don't screw this up. Talk and see if you have anything in common. If you like her go for her. That is all I could think about.

"Hi I am Harry. Nice to meet you"

"Hi I'm Jamie.  You have such a nice voice"



Jamie's POV:

How stupid can I be "You have a nice voice", psh. WAY TO MAKE IT AWKWARD JAMIE. 


All he has said to me is like eight words and I'm already in love. I can't fall so hard for a guy I barely know. I start to actually think. Oh my Gosh I forgot about Blake and Chantal. I don't want to leave her alone with him. But I don't want to leave Harry. He would think I'm not interested and I obviously am. 


"Want a drink?" I asked Harry.

"Sure what do you want I'll order" he said

"Umm a martini" 

"Right away babe" He said


I walked to the bar with him because, to be honest, I don't want to be alone. The bar was next to the dance floor..I could check on Chantal. As Harry and I walk towards the bar I glance to the dance floor and see Chantal and Blake enjoying themselves a little too much. The are just insane. They are like making out in the middle of the dance floor and I just want to shove him away... But she loves him. STOP THINKING ABOUT THEM! You have a hot british guy flirting with you and all you can think about it your best friends romance.  THINK ABOUT YOURSELF FOR ONCE! I just need to ignore Chantal and Blake and think about myself for a minute.


Harry's POV:

Does she not want to be around me. She keeps on staring away not even looking at me. I don't want things to get weird and awkward. I haven't been in a relationship in a while, and I want to start one with the right person. I need to take this stuff more seriously and not play games with girls.

"So do you live around here" I asked Jamie. It was the only thing I could think to ask. I can barely think straight.

"Yeah I live a couple minutes away from here with my friend. What about you?" She asked me

"Yeah, kinda." I say. "I love coming here at night and preforming for all the people"

"Well they sure do love you" Jamie says. She turns away as if she has just seen a ghost, pale and wide eyed. 



Jamie's POV: 

Really! YOU HAD TO SAY THAT! What a fucking idiot I am. I sound like I'm obsessed... I kind of am.

"So what do you do for a living?" I say, trying to start conversation again with this charming boy. 

"I work in err bakery" He says.





"Hey babe wanna get out of here? I know a cute little movie theater where we can go and see a movie?" Harry asks.

"That sounds great!" I say trying to hide my excitement. "Let me grab my coat."

"I'll get that for you, dont worry!" He says as he slips my comfy jacket over my shoulders. I struggle to find the arm hole and look over and seen Harry trying to contain his laughter. "Fine then laugh! Laugh at me struggling!"  

"No babe your adorable" At this point I'm as red as a tomato. I met this boy a little over an hour ago and yet he still knows just the way to talk to me.








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