They Don't Know About Us

Jamie, a 23 year old girl, has a horrible past with her best friend's (Chantal) current boyfriend, but nobody is sure what happened. Jamie, being now depressed/insecure, is too ashamed to tell her best friend the danger of her boyfriend. Chantal is madly in love with Blake (her boyfriend). Jamie will never be the same knowing the danger of being around Blake. The girls face new dramas, settle into their new relationships and start to forget the horrors of their pasts.


2. Chapter 2

Jamie's POV: 

The car ride to the club might have been the longest car ride ever. Blake drove, and nobody talked. Awkward silence!


Chantal's POV: 

OMG. The car ride was horrible. We didn't say one word. I tried to talk to Jamie but she wouldn't respond. All she did was stare at Blake like he was some kind of murder. Blake went to grab my hand. I obviously let him... He is my boyfriend Jamie kept on staring. What is up with her? I wasn't going to let her get into the way of our relationship, so I ignored it the rest of the ride.


Blake's POV: 


Jamie is being so annoying. Can't she just leave. I have a "girlfriend" and I want to do stuff with her tonight. I didn't want to talk to Chantal in front of Jamie. Jamie was probably going to have a panic attack if I did.


Jamie's POV: 


That horrible car ride was FINALLY over. Chantal was getting out of the car with Blake, and I was standing all alone. I can't let her be with him. She doesn't REALLY know him. I don't think he has the same feelings for her than she does for him. Faggot. Thinking he is all "cool". Holding Chantal's waist. I HATE him, and seeing him with my best friend makes it even worse. I want to punch him. This relationship is bullshit. We finally got into the club and I sat down with Chantal at the bar.


Chantal's POV: 


I wanted to see what was wrong with Jamie. I feel bad. Did I do anything to her? All I could do as her best friend is to comfort her. If it has anything to do with my relationship with Blake, I don't even want to know.



"Hey babe, Im gonna go get us some drinks. Ask Jamie if she wants anything." said Blake

I quickly asked Jamie what she wanted, even though I already knew she wanted a martini. We always get the same thing and we have for the longest time.

"two martinis please" I replied. Blake did this cute smile thing and kissed me gently on the cheek. He then walked away to place our drink orders at the bar.


Jamie's POV: 

Chantal wants to talk.  God help me.  I can't deal with this right now. I can't tell her. She loves him.


" SOOOO " says Chantal

"So?" I say back. This conversation is going go by very slowly. 

"Hey so Jamie listen, whats up with you? Something seems to be bothering you. Is it me and Blake together?" 

"Not exactly. I don't want to talk about this right now Chantal, Ok?"

"FINE! But your going to have to tell me sooner or later,  i mean we are best friends.. right?"

"Yes" I said reluctant that the conversation was finally over.


After that, Chantal gave me a hug and said she would always be there for me. That made me feel happy and guilty at the same time. I didn't know if I should feel happy about our friendship or guilty I havent told her. And just guess who walked toward us with our drinks... Blake... HERE WE GO AGAIN. 


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