They Don't Know About Us

Jamie, a 23 year old girl, has a horrible past with her best friend's (Chantal) current boyfriend, but nobody is sure what happened. Jamie, being now depressed/insecure, is too ashamed to tell her best friend the danger of her boyfriend. Chantal is madly in love with Blake (her boyfriend). Jamie will never be the same knowing the danger of being around Blake. The girls face new dramas, settle into their new relationships and start to forget the horrors of their pasts.


1. Chapter 1

Jamie's POV:

I never want to remember that day. NEVER. EVER. But I can't. He is still in my life. He's with my best friend, how could he do that to me. Asshole. My best friend, Chantal, doesn't know anything about that night. She doesn't know it happened, and I'm not planning on telling her. 


Chantal's POV:

I don't know whats been happening with Jamie. Ever since I started dating blake, she has been bailing on us and acting strange. I thought maybe it was because she was lonely after a hard breakup, so I invited her to a bar with me to have some drinks and talk about life. 


Jamie's POV: 

Chantal wants to talk. Oh God. What do I do. If she asks me "whats wrong" I think I might crack, but I have to keep it from her. Its for her own good that she doesn't know. I hope she doesn't bring that duche with her. God I don't think I can stand another minute of seeing Blake's ugly face. 


Blake's POV: 

Chantal thinks its a good idea for me to go with her to see Jamie, but she doesn't know. I can't tell her, she will break up with me, that will ruin my reputation. I love her, kinda.... she's hot. 


*doorbell rings*


Jamie's POV: 

Oh I really hope Blake's not coming. Please please please. I went to open the door, Blake was standing at the door looking blankly. I hadn't seen him in months. Oh God, he was coming. 


"What are YOU doing here?" Jamie asked.


"We are going to the club." Blake said.


*Jamie whispers under her breath, FUCK*



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