He feel in love with a belieber

It was a normal cold day in Canada and by the way my name is Hannah and im a normal 19 teen year old who is a big time belieber which the first thing i do is think about justin when i wake up after i was finshed retweeing everthing he said I got up out of bed put on some sweats and a long sleeve I went down stairs and ate breakfast. After that I had to get ready for justins believe tour he was comeing down to Canada and performing tomorrow so I got out my outfit it was a freshtop shirt and it said Justin bieber on it and I put all my necklaces and brackets out that was Justin bieber and my black jeans with my purple shoes after that was done I went to the mall like 15 minutes from my house I walked in a store and was looking at the clothes I felt like someone was watching me so I looked up and Justin was looking at my blue eyes I couldn't believe Justin bieber was in the same store as me. He slowly walked up to me and asked what was my name I anwered Hannah and he smiled big.


1. The beginning(:

* Justin looked in my eyes and said man you have got some beautiful eyes and I said we'll thank you I started to blush you could tell very badly well I didn't care I'm a belieber and Justin just told me I had beautiful eyes of course I am going to blush. Justin looked back down at me and said can I please have your number I thought to my self are you kidding me this is a dream Justin wants my number I looked back up at him and we exchanged numbers. Then he asked me very kindly would you want to walk around the mall with me and I said yes with a smile on my face Justin and I walked for hours around the mall talking about so many thing ls we had in common I mad him laugh and he made me laugh the time flew by so fast I didn't even know it was 9:00. I told Justin I would love to stay longer but I have to get home and said well at least let me take you home I said sure he walked me and out and told me to wait right where I was staying cause he went to get his car I saw Justin pulling up then he hopped out of the car and I asked what are you doing Justin as he walked toward me he said  being a gentlemen as he opened my door up for me. I looked at him and said why thank you he said my pleasure Justin walked around to his door opened it in got in he looked at me when he got in the car I said what Justin and said I nothing I just can't keep my eyes off you and I blushed really hard Justin turned up the radio and started singing believe and I slowly started falling asleep.  I woke  up and I was in someone's bed I turned around and Justin was sleeping on the couch right next to me he woke up and I asked how did I get here and he said you feel asleep in my car while i was singing and I didn't want to wake you up and also I didn't know your address. I thought in my head for a minute and said I am really in Justin Bieber's bed I was practically in paradise he sat at the edge of the bed said your so damn beautiful.   

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