He feel in love with a belieber

It was a normal cold day in Canada and by the way my name is Hannah and im a normal 19 teen year old who is a big time belieber which the first thing i do is think about justin when i wake up after i was finshed retweeing everthing he said I got up out of bed put on some sweats and a long sleeve I went down stairs and ate breakfast. After that I had to get ready for justins believe tour he was comeing down to Canada and performing tomorrow so I got out my outfit it was a freshtop shirt and it said Justin bieber on it and I put all my necklaces and brackets out that was Justin bieber and my black jeans with my purple shoes after that was done I went to the mall like 15 minutes from my house I walked in a store and was looking at the clothes I felt like someone was watching me so I looked up and Justin was looking at my blue eyes I couldn't believe Justin bieber was in the same store as me. He slowly walked up to me and asked what was my name I anwered Hannah and he smiled big.


20. Selena again

I woke up to Justin arms wrapped around my waist and holding me tight I moved and Justin woke up

Justin: good morning baby

Hannah: good morning bae

Justin: so today I want to just be with you all day cause i can't lose you again.

Hannah: okay that's fine

Justin: well i have to go get the rest of my stuff from Chaz's house because i lefted my bag there.

Hannah: okay well i will stay her with until you get back

Justin: um no there is no way i am leaving you when i just got you back

Hannah: i am not going Justin

Justin: yes you are please baby

Hannah: no Justin i don't feel like going

he tried doing the sad face but i just Ignored   him.

Hannah: Justin that is not going to work

Justin: ugh fine but you better not leave this room

Hannah: Justin i won't if it makes you feel any better

Justin: okay well i will be back in like 5 minutes 

Hannah: okay well i love you

Justin: love you more

Justin kissed me and went out my front door i closed the door behind him and went back in my room no more than 3 minutes i heard my door  bell ring so i went to the door to see who it was i opened the door and no one was there , there was just a note on the ground i Grabbed It and walked inside.

To: Hannah

I hope you know that Justin doesn't like you nor love you he never has he is just doing that because he actually loves me and doesn't want to break your heart but sadly it's true and i would leave him right now before he You get hurt And if you don't believe me that's your fault because it is the truth and You know it is.

sincerely, Selena

My heart dropped i felt sick inside i can't believe that Justin would do that to me he said he loved me but i guess that was just another lie i knew i shouldn't have forgave him in the first place but some of me didn't believe Selena like i trust Justin but i don't know right now after reading the note i just don't know if i trust him anymore at This point i didn't even want to Speak to Justin i was just so  Sad that i didn't feel like  Talking to anybody i folded the note back In the envelop wrote on the top really Justin and Laid it on the mat by the front door i closed the door and locked it and just went in my room crying i heard a knock like after one minute after i walked away from the door i didn't want to answer it but i walked to the door slowly because i really couldn't see anything because i was crying so much but then i heard someones voice.

Justin: Hannah i'm hear unlock the door

i guess he didn't see me or the note  Then i saw Justin bend down and grab the note i  Started crying more and he instantly had anger in his face and started crying and knocking on the door i walked to the side window.

Hannah: Justin stop

Justin: Hannah Please don't believe this i am not gonna do this to you i told you that she is trying to break are relationship no i can't Loose  you again You  don't understand

Hannah: why

Justin: why what

Hannah:  why would you do this to me

i Started crying harder and walked away from the door.

* hey guys sorry its short but i am gonna make another chapter tonight if you comment but i hope you like it so byeee loves :)        





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