He feel in love with a belieber

It was a normal cold day in Canada and by the way my name is Hannah and im a normal 19 teen year old who is a big time belieber which the first thing i do is think about justin when i wake up after i was finshed retweeing everthing he said I got up out of bed put on some sweats and a long sleeve I went down stairs and ate breakfast. After that I had to get ready for justins believe tour he was comeing down to Canada and performing tomorrow so I got out my outfit it was a freshtop shirt and it said Justin bieber on it and I put all my necklaces and brackets out that was Justin bieber and my black jeans with my purple shoes after that was done I went to the mall like 15 minutes from my house I walked in a store and was looking at the clothes I felt like someone was watching me so I looked up and Justin was looking at my blue eyes I couldn't believe Justin bieber was in the same store as me. He slowly walked up to me and asked what was my name I anwered Hannah and he smiled big.


14. Ryan and Chaz

I woke up to Justin hugging these two guys.

Justin: good morning beautiful

Hannah: good morning bebe

Justin: I want you to meet Chaz and Ryan there my Bestfriends back in Canada.

Hannah: hey Chaz, hey Ryan, nice to meet you

Chaz&Ryan: it's nice to meet you too Hannah

i smiled at them

Hannah: Justin I am going to take a shower

Justin: okay babe I am just gonna be out here with the boys chatting

Hannah: okay

Chaz: dang you got you a gorgeous one Justin.

Justin: yes I know she is perfect and she is mine<3

Ryan: I know Justin your so lucky to have her she is absolutely beautiful like I can't stop looking at her *wink wink*

Justin: I know she is and buddy back off she is mine.(:

Ryan: dude you know I am just joking but I kinda can't stop starring.

Justin shot him a look

Chaz: well I wanna go to the beach

Ryan: same

Justin: okay well get changed and when Hannah gets out and dressed we can go

Ryan, Chaz, and Justin got changed into there swimming shorts and I got out of the shower and dressed in a tank top and some short shorts and I walked out and the boys just stared at me

Hannah: what?

they just jetted on staring up and down

Hannah: what!!!

they snapped out of it and just said nothing 

Justin: were going to the beach so go put your swimming suit on

Hannah: okay 

i grabbed my Victoria secret neon green and purple bathing suit on then I threw the clothes I had on over my bathing suit 

Hannah: I'm ready

Justin: okay come on guys were leaving

we walked down by the beach and Chaz and Ryan instantly ran into the water  I took of my tank top and shorts and Laid on the chair so I could get a tan.

Justin: someone looks hot 

i gave a smirk look at Justin

Justin: what it's the truth

Chaz: yeah you got that right you look fine babe.

i laughed at Chaz and smiled up at him

Justin: aye man back up

Hannah: he is just kidding Justin 

Justin: I know but your my bebe

Hannah: I think they know that you will kill them if they touch me so your good.

Justin: yeah I suppose.

Hannah: y'all can go have fun I just want to relax right here 

Justin: but I don't want to be away from you baby):

Hannah: Justin you have with me for awhile you can go have some fun with your friends 

Justin: nope. Not without you!

Hannah: yes Justin I won't love you anymore if you won't go

Justin: okay fine I will go just for you

Hannah: okay bye love you 

he bent down at the chair and pressed his lips against mine

Justin: don't go anywhere 

Hannah: Justin I won't and go have fun don't worry about me!

Justin: I will worry about you if you tell me that.

Hannah: Justin go I am right here if you need me.

Justin: okay bye I love you

Hannah: bye darling I love you too

finnally I just get some me myself and I time I closed my eyes and just listened to the sound of the waves crashing and plan tress moving it was so peaceful I heard something walking over to me Justin walked behind the layout chair and wrapped his arms around me and kissed my neck.

Justin: I'm back sweetheart

Hananh: heyy how was it

Juatin: good we had fun but you should have came 

Hannah: I know but I really didn't want to go to the other side of the island and I didn't want to get in the water

Justin o it's fine baby but I will be right back I'm gonna go get something to drink.

Hannah: okay babe

Justin walked off into the hut then I heard someone walking over torwards me it was Chaz he smiled 

Chaz: well hello gorgeous

i laughed

Hannah: well hello handsome *wink wink*

he smiled and laughed

Chaz: do you wanna go walk down by the beach?

Hannah: sure babe (;

I could call Chaz and Ryan my babes because we kinda started to get close and there just my Bestfriends and they joke around to and call me that do its just are type of relationship but we joke all the time. But I got up and walked by Chaz and Ryan and we walked along the shore all of the sudden I felt someone put me on Chaz shoulders and he held on to my legs I tured around and it was Ryan that set me up.

Hannah: guys put me down please

Chaz: no can do

Hannah: Chaz!!!!!

Chaz: I'm sorry you should have known

Hannah: I know I should have like why would I walk right next to the water with Chaz right next to me.

then before I knew it Chaz ran into the water and  we were soaking wet I was laughing really hard

Hannah: as much as I hate getting thone into the water I can't believe I am laughing right now

Chaz: well I just had to because you haven't touched the water all day and I just really wanted to bother you.

Hannah: I love you guys 


* hey sorry I didn't post yesterday I was busy but I love Chaz and Ryan and Hannah's relationship but anyways keep reading and I will post more tomorrow well bye lovies(:*







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