He feel in love with a belieber

It was a normal cold day in Canada and by the way my name is Hannah and im a normal 19 teen year old who is a big time belieber which the first thing i do is think about justin when i wake up after i was finshed retweeing everthing he said I got up out of bed put on some sweats and a long sleeve I went down stairs and ate breakfast. After that I had to get ready for justins believe tour he was comeing down to Canada and performing tomorrow so I got out my outfit it was a freshtop shirt and it said Justin bieber on it and I put all my necklaces and brackets out that was Justin bieber and my black jeans with my purple shoes after that was done I went to the mall like 15 minutes from my house I walked in a store and was looking at the clothes I felt like someone was watching me so I looked up and Justin was looking at my blue eyes I couldn't believe Justin bieber was in the same store as me. He slowly walked up to me and asked what was my name I anwered Hannah and he smiled big.


17. Hurt.

I looked out the window of the plane and it was a beautiful sight you could see the crystal clear water and the sunny sky I closed my head for a moment instill I heard footsteps near me I opened my eyes and Justin would sit next to Ryan or Chaz he sat all by himself it was 2 seat ahead of me and all I could think about was why did he have to sit 2 seats infrount of me like the least person I wanted to see was him ugh the things he does. Eventually I just grabbed my earphones out of my bag and I put it on pandora and of course the song that I really did not want to hear right now had to come on like I didn't want to hear his beautiful voice I was about to be in tears and the song that was on was Be Alright and I just skipped it because I would be in tears and I could never get him out of my mind. 

Justin's POV.

When I got on the plane i disnt want to speak to any of my friends I needed some thinking time so I headed for the back instill I saw Hannah sitting in the seat looking out the window and listening to music so I decided to just sit 2 seat in front of her I know that wasn't the smart idea but I wanted to be torwards the back. I thought to myself I really can't believe she won't talk to me it breaks my heart to think that she believes that I meant to kiss Selena I don't like Selena at all I am over her and I have moved on too Hannah I don't get it what doesn't Hannah understand that she is trying to ruin our relationship and I don't care I will get Hannah back she is my love and I don't know what I would do without her she won't even talk to me it and it just hurts to think that she is going home after this I have to get her to talk to me before we leave off this plane I have to get her to talk to me.

I pulled out my phone and slid it to unlock it and the first thing I saw was me and her in the back ground I picked her up and she was sitting with her legs wrapped around me and holding on to my shoulders and we were kissing. I held back the tears that just wanted to pour out of me right now but I held it together I was so depressed I couldn't even talk to my friends and that's not normal because I always talk to my friends if something is going bad or good there just always there for me I and I knew they could tell something was worng with me and there already know but I just couldn't talk about it.

10 hours later............

Hannah's POV.

I heard someone calling my name it was Kenny waking me up telling me the plane just landed I rubbed my eyes and got up and grabbed my bag that stayed with me inside the plane then I walke down the steps of the plane and grabbed my suit case and Kenny started walking me torwards a taxi to take me home at the car Chaz and Ryan were waiting for me cause they wanted to give me a hug but Justin wasn't there I thought but it didn't bother me or anything I was kinda glad but it was just odd of him but right when I got to the taxi Chaz and Ryan both hugged me tight.

Chaz&Ryan: we will miss you so much baby!

Hannah: I will miss you more babe's 

we laughed then I hugged them one more time.

Chaz&Ryan: wait maybe sometime you can hangout with us!

Hannah: yes I would love that you guys

Chaz&Ryan: okay well is win you wanna hang it will text you(;

Hannah: okay bye baby's I love you guys

Chaz&Ryan: bye hun we love you more

Before I got into the car Kenny whispered something in my ear Hannah I know u prolly wondering where in the heck Justin is but I heard what happend and I knew you didn't want to talk to him so I didn't wake him up he is still on the plane sleeping but I will miss you Hannah and if you need anything just give me a call have a safe ride home sweetheart.

Hannah: alright thanks I will and thanks Kenny I will miss you more.

Kenny: bye sweetie 

as soon as Kenny closed the door I turned my head at the window Kenny, Chaz and Ryan were all in the line and were waving bye to me and I was off to my house.

Justins POV.

i woke up to Kenny saying my name telling me to get up and get my stuff that I had right next to me and get to the taxi the first thing I thought of was Hannah I looked around and she was no were to be found I turned back to Kenny with a shocked face.

Justin: Kenny where's Hannah I said with my voice of worry

Kenny: sorry Justin she lefted 10 minutes ago we didn't want to wake you up cause she was really hurt and we didn't want y'all to argue or fight and cry so we didn't wake you up.

Justin: Omgosh no no no this can't be happening I needed to talk to her and now I will never see her again so technically everyone said goodbye to me.

Kenny: yes I am so sorry Justin

i just looked away grabbed my stuff and grabbed my stuff under the bus and headed straight torwards the taxi I was angry they didn't tell me and also and I also could feel the tears roll down my face slowly think about how I just lost the one i loved I knew this was gonna happen I should have never listened to Hannah and went over there and talked to Selena she was the one that made a move on me first she was looking over my shoulder and I kept telling her to listen to me but then she cut me off right while I was talking and kissed me but I pushed her back and I guess Hannah missed the whole part all she saw was us kissing and no I can't tell her what actually happend because I will never see her again): I could just feel I part of me breaking.


*** hey guys so I hope you like it and don't think I hate Selena I don't disrespect her like this in the book but it is just a part of my fan- fiction so don't get any hard feelings or anything I have nothing against her so yeah and I will post another chapter tonight maybe if y'all want me too or I will just wait tonight?(:  



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