He feel in love with a belieber

It was a normal cold day in Canada and by the way my name is Hannah and im a normal 19 teen year old who is a big time belieber which the first thing i do is think about justin when i wake up after i was finshed retweeing everthing he said I got up out of bed put on some sweats and a long sleeve I went down stairs and ate breakfast. After that I had to get ready for justins believe tour he was comeing down to Canada and performing tomorrow so I got out my outfit it was a freshtop shirt and it said Justin bieber on it and I put all my necklaces and brackets out that was Justin bieber and my black jeans with my purple shoes after that was done I went to the mall like 15 minutes from my house I walked in a store and was looking at the clothes I felt like someone was watching me so I looked up and Justin was looking at my blue eyes I couldn't believe Justin bieber was in the same store as me. He slowly walked up to me and asked what was my name I anwered Hannah and he smiled big.


7. Cuddle with me.(:

Justin: good morning beautiful

Hannah: good morning baby.

Justin: what do you want to do today?

Hannah: just relax and cuddle.

Justin: good cause that's all I really wanted to do.

i got up and Justin grabbed my and pulled me back down to the bed.

Justin: where do you like your going?

Hannah: to get something to drink?

Justin: not without me!

Hannah: Justin I am going to the kitchen you can wait.

Justin: okay but you better run cause I will come in there looking for you.

Hannah: okay 

i ran into the kitchen for a second and grabbed a drink then I heard foot steps comeing and I wanted to play alittle trick on Justin so I hide in the cabinet at  the end of the corner. 

Justin: Hannah where are you I'm not playing?

Justin: I will find you.

Justin: come cuddle with me.

Justin: when you wanna come out I will be waiting on the bed? 

i walked out and right when I did justin picked me up.

Justin: I found you baby

Hannah: yeah because you tricked me.

Justin picked me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist he laid me down on the bed and than he go in the he pulled to wear his hands where on my hips and my head was on his chest he started playing with my hair and I laughed.

Justin: what's funny?

Hannah: It just tickled that's all

Justin leaned in and pressed against my lips and pushed hard and it was a really good kiss we both smiled and turned the tv on we watched moves and we laughed all day and smiled and kissed today was one of the best days. 

Hannah: I'm gonna get changed

Justin: me too 

justin threw me one of his shirts and sweats I didn't ask why I just put them on and got into bed then Justin did and he grabbed my waist and kissed me. 

Justin: goodnight baby

Hannah: goodnight baby


*** sorry so short but I did promise you guys another chapter tonight so here it is it will get better just wait and leave comments to update more because I need to know if y'all want me to right more so COMMENT and like thanks you guys hope you like it(: 








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