Haters Gonna Hate

Everyone talks about the girlfriends breaking up over the hate but what if you were the person sending the hate. Millie Cathy is sick and tired of One Direction and all their fame. She thinks that they are just big-headed and that their girlfriends are gold-diggers.
Louis Tomlinson has been noticing her tweets but it's hard not to. They are always bold and strong, either directed to them or Eleanor, Danielle or Perrie. When Eleanor breaks up with him, Louis starts targeting her, thinking that she was the reason and over twitter, things can get pretty heated.
What happens when pure and utter hate turns to something unexpected. And maybe there is a reason behind all this hate, maybe she was provoked and maybe there is an explanation.


3. Sent

Louis POV

I had hardly any sleep that night, dreams of horrible tweets from that girl @millieh8s1D targeting Eleanor and ripping her to pieces, destroying her and me, destroying us.

I looked terrible in the morning and I had guessed Harry had told the boys because as soon as I stepped out my room I was greeted with comfort and pity and tea and biscuits. But that wasn't what I wanted.

I hated pity and the fact that it was obviously none of their faults made me feel more alone and useless. "Guys. I'm fine ok, pleas just stop," I said interrupting them in the kitchen.

They looked at me and Liam sighed heavily. "Alright mate but we are here if you need us," he said. I nodded and walked back to my room, unable to keep the tears behind the walls of my eyes.

I just crumpled on the floor like I had done the day before and cried. I felt so weak. I bet Eleanor wasn't in this mess, she was probably having fun and she probably had gotten over me and then there was me, just lying on the floor helpless and useless.

@millieh8s1D. @millieh8s1D. I just couldn't get that name out of my brain. It was tormenting me, haunting me and I desperately wanted it out. I groaned and hit my head against the wall as the name just kept popping up.

I just couldn't take it. My head was pounding relentlessly and I groaned again in pain. I had never felt this before and I never wanted to. My door burst open but I hardly noticed it as my head kept on pounding and pounding.

"Quick, Harry and Niall, help me get Louis in the car. We need to take him to hospital. Zayn, call Simon and tell him we can't make it to the recording because we are taking Louis to hospital," called Liam.

I felt myself being lifted but I could hardly see. Stars and dots were appearing in the line of my vision and I could only see a very blurry worried Niall, lifting me at the head. I felt myself being laid down on something soft and I guessed it was in the back of the car.

I moaned and rolled over. I just couldn't get her out. She was tormenting me this girl and I had never met her, yet I hated her.


That was the last thing I saw before everything just went black. 


I woke up again to be greeted by whiteness. It was white everywhere and it was beginning to give me a headache again. I groaned slightly and tried to move around, only to be greeted by more whiteness.

It was so painful

and I tried to get out but something was holding me down. I tugged and rolled over, hearing soft sounds in the back of my head. I hated it.

"Louis!" It sounded like Eleanor's voice but it was different. I knew it was a girl but it just wasn't Eleanor. That was all I knew. It called again and again and I tried to push it away but I just couldn't.


That was the last thing I saw before everything went black again.

Harry's POV

I was getting scared. Louis looked so distressed. His eyes were wide open but he wasn't blinking. He was rolling over and tugging at his bed sheets which were pinning him down.

I was too scared to call him and so were the others. We had no idea what to do. Suddenly, he stopped moving and his eyes went shut instantly as he collapsed back onto the bed.

"Louis?" Niall called quietly. There was silence before Zayn went running out. I watched him as he left before turning back to an unconscious Louis. "What's going on guys?" I asked. Liam shook his head and so did Niall.

All of a sudden, the door burst open and a man dressed in white came in. It was Doctor Martins. He rushed over to Louis while Zayn came in after him, sitting down in his seat and waiting, like the rest of us, to hear the news.

The doctor turned to us. "I think you should leave. It won't be good for him if you are here and we need to run some tests. Come back in the morning and he should be fine," he said, sending us a soft and reassuring smile.

'He should be fine'. Should be. But we didn't know whether he would be. I gulped and nodded, following the Liam and Niall out of the room. I gave Louis one last look before Zayn shut the door and put a wall between Louis and us.

Few Hours Later

Louis POV

My eyes opened again and I saw white but this time it wasn't so blinding. I could see faint outlines of objects and I could smell the sickly scent of disinfectant. I now realised that the bed sheets were holding me down and there was no voices.

My vision cleared more and I could see 3 chairs surrounding the perimeter of my bed. My phone and wallet were on the table next to my bed and some of my clothes were resting on a hanger.

I wasn't naked, I was just in one of the hospital gowns. I sat up slowly, trying not to aggravate my headache which had somewhat calmed down but it was still there in the corner of my head.

I could just make out the time and saw that it was past 4 in the afternoon. I groaned inwardly and reached for my phone, trying to occupy myself. Twitter was the same and so was Instagram but there were more disgusting tweets from that @millieh8s1D.

I tried not to think about her. I tried not to take her tweets personally but I just couldn't help it. They were haunting me and all those thoughts about her being the reason for El and I's breakup trapped my mind.

I couldn't stop my fingers gliding across the glass cover and pressing on her profile. I pressed the 'new tweet' button and stopped as I arrived at the messaging box. I could hear Harry in the back of my mind.

"We can't afford any more bad publicity." But there was her tweets battling with his words and I couldn't stop them, it was all getting too much. My fingers slid across the screen, pressing the letters and pausing at the 'tweet' button.

Should I do this? I didn't know. Was Harry right? Was she right? Was Eleanor a gold-digger and were we a bunch of self-obsessed losers who used auto tune? I couldn't get these out of my head and my head was pounding once more.



There it is!!! I really hope that was a good chapter because I spent a lot of time on it and I actually liked it even though it is quite a sad chapter.

You all probably hate Millie and I will let you but she does have a back story to this so she does have an excuse but that will come up in later chapters!!

Thank you so much for the 9 faves!!! I was freaking out when I woke up and saw all these faves and comments!!! Love you guys and thank you all so much!!! Means a lot!!

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