Haters Gonna Hate

Everyone talks about the girlfriends breaking up over the hate but what if you were the person sending the hate. Millie Cathy is sick and tired of One Direction and all their fame. She thinks that they are just big-headed and that their girlfriends are gold-diggers.
Louis Tomlinson has been noticing her tweets but it's hard not to. They are always bold and strong, either directed to them or Eleanor, Danielle or Perrie. When Eleanor breaks up with him, Louis starts targeting her, thinking that she was the reason and over twitter, things can get pretty heated.
What happens when pure and utter hate turns to something unexpected. And maybe there is a reason behind all this hate, maybe she was provoked and maybe there is an explanation.


33. Rebounds

This chapter is dedicated to: Ardenluvsu7 because she has given me such nice comments and I always smile or laugh when reading them :)


Millie’s POV

Standing outside Harry and Louis flat, I suddenly felt quite odd. I was dressed in sweats and an oversized, baggy top with some random pumps.

In the heat of the moment, I hadn’t thought about my clothes at all but I guess I couldn’t turn back now.

Breathing out, I knocked on the door, wincing as if it was so loud that it was hurting my ears.

Waiting nervously outside the door, I played around with my thumbs, trying to straighten out my thoughts to figure out what I was going to say to Harry or Louis, whoever happened to be there.

But what if they were both there?

Shit, I hadn’t thought of that.

My eyes bulged and I cursed at how stupid I was. Turning round on my heel, I prepared to run away, exactly like I knew I shouldn’t do before I heard a tired voice call my name.


I knew who it was immediately. I didn’t have to turn round and face the brown-haired boy because I knew it was Louis.

Gulping, I turned round and prepared myself. I was stuck now, I had to tell him. I had to tell him that I lied and that I was stupid. I had to apologise whether it resulted in what I wanted or not, I just had to.

Neither of us said anything. Louis was staring at me in complete confusion while I focused my eyes on the wooden floor which was getting increasingly interesting as each second passed.

I glanced up but as soon as our eyes met, I looked back down at the floor and started to twiddle with my thumbs again.

“Erm, come in, sorry,” he mumbled, stepping back against the door to let me through. Gulping I stepped into the flat.

I had never been here before and for a lad’s flat, it looked hardly used. The kitchen was nearly spotless and the sitting room looked like it had come out of those expensive house catalogues.

“Do you er, want some tea or coffee or water or juice or--“ I couldn’t refrain a giggle as Louis rambled on about what beverage I wanted. My nerves were slowly blowing away as Louis continued.

“Louis I’m fine,” I said smiling softly. “Oh, um, okay,” he said, scratching the back of his neck. Once the silence enveloped us again, the nerves came fluttering back in and I immediately regretted not asking for a drink.

If I had then we wouldn’t be standing there in dead silence, both staring at the ground.

Clearing my throat, Louis seemed to remember that I was here and looked back at me. “So, erm, why are you here?” he asked.

Why am I here?

Maybe this wasn’t the right choice, maybe Louis didn’t want anything from me especially what I came here to confess.

But I couldn’t run away again, I promised myself that.

“Um, well I came here to talk to you, you know?” I said shyly. His eyebrows furrowed and I sighed, knowing that I couldn’t keep on dragging this out.

“I lied to you,” I murmured quietly. “Pardon?” he asked. “I lied to you,” I said loudly, breathing out as the weight was lifted off my shoulders. Well, I guess half the weight.

His eyes widened and flashes of different emotions passed through.

“I lied to you about what I felt, what I felt about the kiss I mean and that’s why I ran away because I was afraid of telling you. I was afraid of telling myself as well and I’m not sure if you actually felt the same things or whatever but I thought you should know,” I said quickly, trying to get out as fast as possible.

Louis did nothing apart from motion to a seat next to the small island in his kitchen. I took it and sat down steadily as I was shaking slightly.

“Are you going to say anything?” I asked, my voice cracking gently. I had never been this vulnerable to anyone and I hated it but I couldn’t help it.

“I’m just… I don’t know what to say,” he said finally.

“Well did you feel anything or am I just saying complete rubbish?” I asked, getting a tad impatient.

“Of course I felt something, I just, er, didn’t expect you to after you said you didn’t,” he said. I knew he was confused as hell and I didn’t blame him but all these different emotions were confusing me as well.

“But how do I know that you aren’t just feeling this because you broke up with your boyfriend, what if you just think you felt those feelings but actually, your just imagining them?” he asked.

My eyes narrowed, I couldn’t believe him.

“So you think I’m going to use you as a rebound?” I hissed.

He breathed out,” I’m not saying a rebound but what if you want to believe these ‘feelings’ because you want to get over him.”

“I was over him before I broke up with him! You don’t know anything about our relationship, you don’t know about my so-called feelings for him, you don’t know anything,” I said angrily.

“You don’t think I’m scared that you aren’t just imagining these feelings because you broke up with Eleanor? You loved her so how do you think I feel when I am spilling this all out when you could just shove it back in my face?” I carried on.

His eyes lowered in realisation, knowing that I was right.

“You know what, this was stupid. This was stupid just like every other time. You love Eleanor and I will never be her, so good bye,” I said, hopping off my chair and shoving it away with my foot.

I could never be Eleanor, I could never be the person he wanted. To him I was some horrible girl who he hated, who he could never want to be with.

Why did I want to be with him?

To me, he was some stuck-up popstar who was too concerned with himself than anyone else.

Well, that is what I wanted to believe.

I knew now he wasn’t but I would always be that to him – Some horrible girl who he hated.

Walking away from him, I felt him grab my wrist hard and tug me back. I had under-estimated how strong he was and after a second, I found myself no longer walking to the door but being pushed against the kitchen counter, Louis body right up next to me, his breath hitting my face.

“You will never be her,” he said, his words cutting daggers through me.

“But then again, I don’t want you to be,” he said, leaning closer.

My breath hitched. What was that supposed to mean?

We stared at each other, desperation in both our eyes. The yearning for him to just kiss me was killing me but I didn’t know if it was true, what he said.

“Do you mean that?” I asked gulping, still under his spell with him so close to me.

“I promise,” he whispered, his breath no longer hitting me but rather slapping me in the face.

The proximity was killing. Why wouldn’t he just kiss me goddamit?

Just as he eyes flickered to my lips, I heard someone step in, the door close and footsteps coming closer and closer towards us but somehow Louis didn’t hear.

As much as I wanted to kiss Louis, there could be a murderer in here. But before I could say anything, the figure appeared and in that moment everything came crashing down.

“Harry,” I whispered. Louis eyes flashed and he turned his head from me to see the green-eyed boy staring at the both of us. Neither of Louis and I had pushed each other away, both of us still glued to each other.

Oh, shit.


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