Haters Gonna Hate

Everyone talks about the girlfriends breaking up over the hate but what if you were the person sending the hate. Millie Cathy is sick and tired of One Direction and all their fame. She thinks that they are just big-headed and that their girlfriends are gold-diggers.
Louis Tomlinson has been noticing her tweets but it's hard not to. They are always bold and strong, either directed to them or Eleanor, Danielle or Perrie. When Eleanor breaks up with him, Louis starts targeting her, thinking that she was the reason and over twitter, things can get pretty heated.
What happens when pure and utter hate turns to something unexpected. And maybe there is a reason behind all this hate, maybe she was provoked and maybe there is an explanation.


27. Just Spiffing

So this chapter is dedicated to: Karistay because she gave me possibly the longest comment ever (!!!) and it was so nice and just so amazing!! Thank you so much!!

Enjoy :) xx


Millie's POV

I slid down the side of the wall, my fingers gently pressing against my lips and my other hand running through my hair.

I still couldn't comprehend what had just happened. Louis Tomlinson had kissed me.

Louis Tomlinson.

Then man I hated with a passion had decided to connect lips with me.

That filthy bastard.

But why hadn't I pushed him off earlier? I knew I had been shocked but still! And then he had just walked away 'apologizing'. But it was too late. He had hurt me twice in the last 24 hours and then kissed me?


I groaned and put my head in my hands. What was I supposed to do now? I still hadn't apologized to the public and the rest of twitter and I knew if I didn't soon then someone in that annoying group of boys was going to contact me and make my life even more hell.

"Um, Millie, what are you doing?" asked someone, snatching me out of my thoughts. I jerked my head up and came face to face with Rosie who was standing in front of me, looking down at me like I was some twat.

Well, I had to agree with her on that I guess.

I stood up, placing my hand on the wall to steady myself as I was shaking slightly and shook my head. "Um, nothing. Sorry, let's go," I said and walked ahead of her, trying to clear my thoughts.

"So erm, where are we going first?" asked Rosie, finally slipping her phone into the pocket of her jeans and running her hands through her hair.

"Erm, well I thought I would take you round the whole campus thing and then maybe show you around the town or something," I muttered, cursing under my breath as the sensation of Louis lips on mine reappeared in my mind.

"Um, cool. Are you sure you are alright?" Rosie asked, even though her tone sounded as if she was only saying that because she had to.

"Yeah, just spiffing."

Louis POV

I walked through the streets, looking down at the pavement so I didn't get recognised. Since, Millie had basically saved me from the night before I had no mode of transport so I had to walk back home.

My head was hurting slightly, a bit of a headache was forming and I was in desperate need of a coffee.

Spotting a small coffee shop on the opposite side of the road, I crossed it and entered through the cute little door. The sound of a bell rang as I entered and I made note in my brain to remember this place.

It was small, secluded and was somewhere I could be alone with my thoughts which I needed right now. I walked up to the till and gave a small and weak smile to the waiter behind the till.

"Hello sir, what would you like to order?" the man greeted kindly, almost too kindly. Why was everyone in such a good mood when here I was, confused and annoyed.

"Coffee, espresso," I said sharply. The guy's smile weakened and I could see in his eyes, his thoughts saying 'what's his problem'.

Well, you know what mate? My problem is you and your freaking happy attitude.

The man poured me a coffee and I handed him the money quickly, him muttering," have a nice day," under his breath.

I brought the coffee to my lips and sat down by the window of the shop. There were a little, old woman sitting down and sipping at what seemed some tea near the counter and a couple sitting by the opposite window who were making me want to throw up.

How was everyone else in this whole fricking world having a better love life, needless to say life at the same time, than I was?

This was just fucking unfair!

But before I could actually throw up, Millie's face came into light in my mind and I stopped. What had made me kiss her?

That was the burning question in my mind. Sure, she was pretty, well actually beautiful but so was Miranda Kerr, yet if I saw her, I wouldn't just go and kiss her!

So it had to be something more. I hated to admit it but it had to be. I wasn't one to go and kiss whoever I felt like, at least not when I was sober.

So then, what was it?


I know this was kinda short and a bit of a filler chapter but the next one will be much better!!

I hope you guys liked this chapter!!

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