Haters Gonna Hate

Everyone talks about the girlfriends breaking up over the hate but what if you were the person sending the hate. Millie Cathy is sick and tired of One Direction and all their fame. She thinks that they are just big-headed and that their girlfriends are gold-diggers.
Louis Tomlinson has been noticing her tweets but it's hard not to. They are always bold and strong, either directed to them or Eleanor, Danielle or Perrie. When Eleanor breaks up with him, Louis starts targeting her, thinking that she was the reason and over twitter, things can get pretty heated.
What happens when pure and utter hate turns to something unexpected. And maybe there is a reason behind all this hate, maybe she was provoked and maybe there is an explanation.


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Millie's POV

"Because Millie, you don't get to me anymore. At least, not like you used to."

OK, what the actual fuck was that supposed to mean? 'At least, not like you used to.' God, I felt like I was at school, analysing some English text or something. This guy was so fricking confusing and annoying.

"What is that supposed to mean?" I asked, obviously annoyed. He chuckled for about the billionenth time that day which only infuriated me more.

"Whatever you want it to mean," he winked just as a woman came up and started on his hair. "Millie, this is Lou. Lou, this is Millie, my erm, friend," said Louis awkwardly. You could almost feel the tension as he called me his 'friend'.

I would definitely not classify this 'relationship' with each other, friendly. More of an acquaintance kinda relationship. "Nice to meet you," said Lou, sending me a nice smile.

"Nice to meet you too," I replied also smiling as Louis gaped at me for some unknown reason. Lou set to work with Louis hair but to be honest, there was nothing wrong with it. It was still in his short quiff and looked very nice, dare I admit it.

All in all, he looked very nice, almost handsome but there was no way I was going to say that to his face. Lou patted Louis on the back then walked off to another awaiting boy sat down in a chair a few metres away.

I turned to Louis who was still looking at me with a surprised expression. "What?" I asked. He shook his head and resumed a half-normal face expression.

"Sorry, I- I just, er, I was just surprised that you were so... Nice, um friendly towards Lou," he mumbled. My eyes widened and I swear I almost felt tears prick my eyes. "Oh, thanks Louis. Now you've made me a feel a whole lot better," I muttered, grabbing my phone and jumping down from the seat.

"No, wait!" Louis called, grabbing my arm. I spun round and glared at him. "Sorry Millie, I didn't mean it like that. It was just last time I introduced you to people you weren't exactly, er, nice to them," he pleaded.

Normally, I would have stayed mad and come back with something sassy then walk away angrily but I felt my eyes soften and I nodded. "I understand," I said. I hadn't realised that Louis was still holding my arm, which had gently slid down to my wrist.

I looked down at his hand and he also did, removing it quickly as the tension grew. "I'm really sorry Millie," he said resentfully. I shook my head and sat back down," honestly it's fine Louis. I guess I deserve it."

Louis POV

God, I felt bad. If this had happened the first time I had met her, I would not be sorry at all but would be grinning at her and making her feel bad but this time, she just seemed vulnerable and sad, like her walls were slowly being demolished.

"Oh well, I guess that's revenge since I said I hated your songs," she smiled evily. I rolled my eyes," well, what do you think of the concert so far?" "Meh. The songs as I have already said, aren't original and your fans just ruined the whole experience! I mean who comes to a concert dressed as a carrot?" she said as if it was the weirdest thing in the world.

At the beginning, I thought it was weird but after seeing many a time, girls dressed as my supposedly favourite food, it became an almost regular thing.

I laughed but I could feel a twinge of anger lurking in the back of me. "Come on? They aren't that bad!" I argued playfully.

"Oh really? So sitting next to girls screeching in your ear and gossiping about how Taylor Swift is , I quote: A filfthy toad who doesn't deserve our, dear Hazza bear. I mean seriously? Our, dear? God, they don't even know Harry and don't get me started on Hazza bear!" she argued back.

Now I felt the anger build up and I had to use all my inner strength not to argue back seriously. "Our fans aren't bad! If you don't like us, don't take it out on the fans because they are the ones who got us here so they are the ones to thank!"

"What? To thank them that they got me into this whole mess with you and Twitter? To thank them that I got forced to come to this stupid concert? I think not," she said.

"Just shut up!" I muttered. "Sorry, what?" "JUST SHUT UP!" I shouted. The whole room went into deadly silence and even Millie was speechless. Her eyes were extremely wide and all the other eyes were all giving me bad looks, telling me that I was a dick or something along those lines.

"Fine then," she muttered and grabbed her phone for the second time, this time managing to walk away. I shook my head and mentally smacked myself. Sure, I didn't like this girl but I had managed to make her feel like shit and then shout at her, making the whole room make me feel like shit.

I quickly followed her as people whispered behind my back.

Ugh, screw them.

I quickly ran up to Millie who was walking away quickly, wiping her face as if she was crying. "Millie, wait!" I called but she evidently ignored me and carried on, quickening her steps. "Come on, please Millie!" I called again and grabbed her wrist.

I swung her round and the tingles I had felt earlier sparked up my arm again. "I didn't mean to shout at you! Honestly, I just don't like it when people insult our fans," I said, trying to explain but unfortunately this time, she wasn't so forgiving.

"So you thought that making me feel like shit and then shouting at me was the right option?" she hissed. "I didn't mean to do any of those things, they just slipped out," I said. "Oh yeah, along with everything else you have said wrong," she said.

"Louis! You need to go!" shouted Jake, one of our staff. "Er, coming," I replied and turned back to Millie. "Please Millie, I--" "Go Louis. Just go, go sing to your precious little fans, I'll be fine. No one else can make me feel worse than you have," she muttered.

Her words stung but she had already slipped out of my grip and was way down the hall before I had time to protest. Ugh, why did she have to make everything so flipping confusing and mess up my feelings?


I swear, this is possibly the shittiest chapter that I have ever written. I am so so so sorry at how bad this is and I promise that the next few chapters will be much better!!

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