Haters Gonna Hate

Everyone talks about the girlfriends breaking up over the hate but what if you were the person sending the hate. Millie Cathy is sick and tired of One Direction and all their fame. She thinks that they are just big-headed and that their girlfriends are gold-diggers.
Louis Tomlinson has been noticing her tweets but it's hard not to. They are always bold and strong, either directed to them or Eleanor, Danielle or Perrie. When Eleanor breaks up with him, Louis starts targeting her, thinking that she was the reason and over twitter, things can get pretty heated.
What happens when pure and utter hate turns to something unexpected. And maybe there is a reason behind all this hate, maybe she was provoked and maybe there is an explanation.


17. Call me a Pig

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Louis POV

I watched Millie as she strode out to her car, her long legs leading the way there. Guilt was running around freely inside me as I felt my hand stretch from the gripping position it had previously been in.

Even though practically my whole body was filled with guilt, there was a string of annoyance and frustration lurking beneath. I didn't understand why she didn't just tell me why she never sent the second half of the tweet.

Don't ask me why I was so interested, I just... I felt like I needed to know, as if it was going to affect me in some way. I sighed and shook my head as Millie's car exited the car park.

At first, I thought that this was going to be the last time of seeing each other but I very soon realized that I had invited her to the concert. What the hell was I thinking?

I mentally face-palmed myself and walked back into the main corridor. Why had I invited her? Well, actually, I was more surprised that she even accepted it after insulting every single song I said. This sparked a flame of curiosity to light up in my body and it seemed to spread like wild-fire, needing much more than the fire brigade to hose it down.

I don't know why I was so curious, maybe it was Millie, herself or her attitude, how I had seen two sides of her and they only made me more interested. I just couldn't put my finger on it, it was impossible.

Millie's POV

As I arrived back at the flat, I noticed that Imogen had gone out, leaving a little note telling me that she was just seeing some old friends from old school days. I sighed, I guessed that I was having the flat to myself.

I threw my coat down on the sofa and started to make myself some sweet popcorn, ready for my movie marathon which was hopefully going to take my mind off the previous events of the day.

Luckily, Louis momentous squeeze on my arm hadn't left too much of a lasting expression, it was only twinging every now and then which I guess made me feel a bit better.

As the microwave 'dinged', my phone started to ring and I groaned loudly. I was preparing for an afternoon of no contact with the outside world but unfortunately, within 10 minutes of me arriving home, that plan had been quickly thrown in the bin.

"Hello?" "Ah, hello Millie, it's mum dear." I smiled softly and quickly replied," oh hi mum, what's up?" "Um, well you see Rosie is starting uni as you know and she needs someone to show her around a bit, show her the ropes and what not so I thought that you could maybe show her."

My smile quickly turned into a hard frown and my eyes narrowed as if my mother was standing right in front of me. "Look, I know that things have been going badly since then but--" "It wasn't my fault mum, neither Rosie's but I don't think she is in any state to forgive me," I interrupted my mum.

"Darling, please do this for me. She needs her big sister back and I know that you want her back as well. Please just try," my mum begged. I sighed," fine mum but don't expect any good out of this."

"Don't worry, I just want to help and I know that Rosie is slightly scared about starting uni so it would mean a lot, not only to her but to me and your father," my mum said kindly. "Of course mum," I said slowly.

This is not what I wanted to do especially after what happened today, I didn't want any memories coming back to me but this was my family and no matter what happened in the past, I was going to help my mum because she mean't the world to me.

"Thank you darling and hopefully, we shall see you soon," my mum said, a considerably happier tone noticed in her voice. "Yeah, of course. Bye mum," I said. "Bye darling."

I put the phone down slowly and carefully took out the popcorn although, I was lost in my own thoughts to really understand what I was doing. Too much was spinning round in my mind, thoughts, fears, feelings, I couldn't really take it all in.

I sighed and shoved a handful of popcorn into my mouth. Call me a pig, I don't care. I finally settled down on the sofa, only groaning five seconds later that I hadn't put a movie in and therefore I would have to move.

I rolled off the bed, hitting the ground with a loud 'thud' and crawling over to the DVD rack. I chose the Hangover and quickly put it in, crawling back to the sofa and trying to resume the comfortable position I was once in.

The movie credits started and I stuffed another handful of popcorn in my mouth, crunching it noisily under my molars. Just as the movie was about to start, my phone buzzed underneath me and I groaned even louder.

Why the hell hadn't I turned my phone off? I left it but about 5 seconds later it started to buzz again. And again. And again and again and again. I muttered some colourful words and dug my phone out.

Don't forget the concert you are coming to. You aren't rid of me yet.



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