It all started the second Jessica started a twitter and set her bio...little did she know that i might come true....


1. Discovering Them

I woke up one morning to my older brother’s bass guitar vibrating the house and my younger sister screaming for the newest my little pony. Yes, this was my every morning. I rolled over in my bed the blanket falling off, revealing my skin to the cold air. I picked up my new smart phone. My birthday present to myself, as no one, even my parents remembered. 10 new texts from Gillian. The usual. I slid my shaking fingers across the screen to find Gillian’s frantic messages. “OMGGG NIALL FOLLOWEd ME ON TWITTER,” one read. “OMG REALLY?” I replied. Gillian was so fascinated by twitter, but why? Was twitter the next big myspace? (And yes, I admit I still have a myspace.) “YES I CANT STOP CRYING,” she quickly texted back. I could see Gillian crying over the newest boy band. She was that type of person, who obsesses over the newest and greatest thing.

                I got up from my bed, got dressed in jeans shorts and a blouse, and went downstairs. My mom was begging my dad to go get my younger sister, Melanie, the new pony she wanted. I could see Melanie smirking in the corner of my eye. She was pure evil. No one seemed to see the evil, besides me.

                “Thanks for remembering my birthday,” I mumbled.

                No one heard me.

                “I’ll get it.” I told my mom. I needed to get out of the house. To breathe. I went outside and hopped into my mom’s SUV and started to drive down the block. I turned on Hot 99.5, my favorite station. “And here’s ONE DIRECTION.” I rolled my eyes. What is with this boy band? Since when have they become popular? Baby you light up my world like nobody else… came through the radio. They sound good….STOP IT JESSICA. Don’t get yourself into a boy band, You’ll become obsessed like Gillian.

                I turned off the radio and drove into the Toys R Us parking lot. I parked my car and walked in. I walked up and down the aisles looking for the toy and there it was. I picked it up and headed for the cashier. I found myself humming to the tune of that one direction song…idk the name but, who am I kidding…IT’S A GREAT SONG. 

                I drove home as quickly as I could. I gave my sister the pony and ran up to my room. I jumped onto my bed, phone in hands and looked up “One Direction.” I looked up their music, names, etc.

                Long story short, One Direction is AMAZING. Gillian has a thing for Niall, but I must admit, Harry just gives me chills. Those curls.

                Maybe I should join twitter…

                I quickly downloaded the twitter app and created an account. My username: @jessicaismyname. Then I saw “Bio: describe yourself”. What should I put? I KNOW! “Harry Styles is my husband…”


end of chapter one! hope you like, it will get better!

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