Unknown Sea Princess

We all thought she was your everyday genius muggleborn witch... Well so did Hermione Granger, but she finds out during the summer after Voldemort's defeat, that she is the unknown Princess of the Sea.


1. Of Sudden Escapes

Unknown Sea Princess

Chapter one: Of Sudden Escapes

By: Luck_Goddess

Poseidon's POV

I frowned and thought of Jean for the first time since before Percy went to Camp. She was British and beautiful. She was on vacation to America when I met her, and I was instantly attracted to her. She had ignored me for a whole week before I got her to actually speak to me. I smiled, and shifted on my throne, to look out towards the British seas, wondering if she was still alive, and why she had suddenly left all those years ago.


I smiled, and strode towards her door. I knocked three times. Several minutes passed but no one answered. The smile slipped off my face, and I knocked again. A passing housekeeper noticed.

"Sir, the occupants of that room checked out last night" She said and I frowned.

"Are you sure? Jean said she didn't have to leave for a few weeks yet…" I questioned. She nodded that she was sure, so I exited the hotel, checking to see if anyone noticed, and left to my palace to ponder where she disappeared to.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~Flashback ends~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I frowned, and remembered that she had left her address with me. I took a look around my throne room, and saw the mess on my desk. I winced. Well, better start searching for that scrap of paper, Poseidon, I thought to myself.

~2 hours later~

"Yes!" I cheered under my breath as I found the fading piece of paper under all the mess on my desk. I took one look at it, and was gone the next second.

~England, Jean Granger nee' Lilakis' home~

I strode up the sidewalk, and knocked on the door three times. I heard a young girl's voice.

"Coming!" The door opened soon after, and I stared at the face of a 17, maybe 18, year old girl, she had slightly curly brown hair, with brown eyes.

"Is Jean Lilaki home?" I queried. Her eyes widened.

"Umm, my mom's maiden name is Lilaki…" She shifted, and shouted over her shoulder "MOM! SOMEONE IS HERE FOR YOU!" I shifted from foot to foot, and waited. Soon enough, I saw my beautiful Jean's face, her brown eyes widening at the sight of me, and she gasped.

"Poseidon? What are you doing here? Come on in. "She stepped aside, and I followed her into the parlor. It had a sea-form green armchair, with a cream couch, and ocean mural walls. I grinned, This was my kinda living room. I turned towards Jean.

"Jean, I'm sorry I didn't come and find you earlier, but I was startled by your disappearance, and work got busy for a while, by then Months had past, and I had to deal with a big misunderstanding. I just found your address, and I'm surprised you still live here" I winced inwards as I realized I had rambled. Jean smiled warmly, and laughed.

"You haven't changed after all this time." She smiled, referring to the first time he spoke to her.

"I guess you married, and had a daughter then?" I asked, remembering what the girl who answered the door said.

"I married, yes, but.. Hermione isn't David's daughter" She shifted, suddenly nervous. "Poseidon, Hermione is your daughter, I left suddenly because I was pregnant, and in shock that you were actually a Greek god…"

I froze, and gaped at her. That young girl at the door looked nothing like me.

"Hecate visited me when Hermione was a year old, and blessed her. She said Hermione will have better chances of survival if she changed her looks. But not permanently. " She explained, answering my unsaid question. "She said once, if ever, Hermione meets you, her looks will change within the hour…"

I blew out a breath, and looked at Jean "I'd like to take Hermione to Camp Half-blood, a camp just for demigods." I asked her, pleading really, "I want to get to know her, and introduce her to her half-brother"

Jean, knowing now Hermione is not safe here anymore, looked at the staircase and called "Hermione, come here please!"

~~~While this conversation was happening~~~~

Hermione POV

I was up in my room writing a letter to my best friends Harry Potter, and Ron Weasley, when I heard someone knocking on the door. I yelled "Coming!" on my way to the door. When I open our plain white door, I saw a tall man, maybe 6'' even, with a blue Hawaiian shirt on, and beige Bermuda shorts, very uncommon in England due to the weather, but what was even weirder, he had a tan, and smelled like the ocean, my favorite smell ever, I mentally noted, as if he WAS the sea.

"Is Jean Lilaki home?" He seemed interested.

I mentally gaped at him, a habit from the war to never show my emotions. How did he know my mom's maiden name? She had been married since before I was born to my Step-dad. "Umm, my mom's maiden name is Lilaki…" I turned slightly, and shouted over my shoulder, to the kitchen"MOM! SOMEONE IS HERE FOR YOU!" I stepped to the side, and watched his whole face light up like a Christmas tree when he saw her, and..Love? in his eyes. I narrowed my eyes slightly, and retreated to my room as they went to the living room.

~~~~Ten minutes later~~~~

"Hermione! Come here please." My mom called from downstairs. I put my summer homework aside, and trudged down to see what she wanted.

"Yea?" I asked from the doorway. "Whatcha need?"

"Sit down please honey" She smiled, nervously, and asked. I furrowed my eyebrow, and sat on the fluffy cream couch beside my mom, and simply raised my eyebrows in question.

"Hermione, remember how I said I met your father on Vacation in America?" She questioned me. Seriously… She told me that story every single time I asked about my Dad.

"Yea, you meet him in Long Island, and then shagged him? But you moved back here because Grandmum, and Grandpa wanted you to marry David…" I parroted the story, minus the shagging comment, she told me. "What-Wait.."

I stopped and stared at the man on the sea-green chair. He is my dad…she thought. Most likely anyway. "Your my dad aren't you?" I asked him. I wasn't stupid, I thought to myself at his amazed looked on his face.

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