Unknown Sea Princess

We all thought she was your everyday genius muggleborn witch... Well so did Hermione Granger, but she finds out during the summer after Voldemort's defeat, that she is the unknown Princess of the Sea.


2. Of Not Knowing

Unknown Sea Princess

Chapter two: Of Not knowing

By: Luck_Goddess

Poseidon POV

And Athena says my kids aren't smart… I thought to myself, amazed by her perceptiveness.

"Yes, He is your father" Jean beats me to the answer, sending me an amused look" Remember back when you went to normal school, and learned about the Greek gods?" I wonder what she means by Normal School…

"Of course, It was my favorite topic" She smiles. "But what does that have to do with anything?"

"Well, their real Hermione. Just as real as Hogwarts, and magic, Hermione" Ok. Now I'm confused. Hogwarts? And how could she know what magic was without Hecate? I remember what Jean said earlier about Hecate blessing her. Maybe she got sent to one of Hecate's schools.

"Mum, are you running a fever or something?" Hermione worriedly stares at her mother "Their myths."

"But so is magic and Merlin to us muggles." Jean smirks; she always did love having intellectual arguments. But what did the word Muggle mean?*

"If they were myths, I wouldn't be alive, Hermione" I interrupt their argument.

Hermione POV

I blink. Wait. He was my father, and apparently a Greek god. He has a Hawaiian shirt on, beige Bermuda shorts, sandals, and sea-green eyes. I loved the beaches, and could breathe underwater, and he was my father. The list of gods narrowed down in my mind to one.

"Your Poseidon, the god of the ocean" I finalized "Is that correct?" Again, the amazed look.

"And Athena says I can't have smart kids." Poseidon smiles. That confirms it.

"So the Greek gods are real?" I gaped at him.


"And your my father?"


"Then why don't I look like you?"

"Hecate changed your appearance for safety shortly after you were born, and blessed you, giving you magic" My mum cut in.

"Then how do-" I stopped at a tingling sensation over my body, blinking.

Poseidon POV

"Then how do-"She cut herself off, and my eyes widened as her hair started turning black, her features changing to become a mix between Jean and I. Her eyes turned sea-green like mine.

"Guess that answer your question" Jean answered her unfinished question. Hermione darted out of the room, and we heard a shriek from somewhere else in the house, seconds before she barreled back in the room.

"How am I going to explain this to Harry and Ron?" She panics "They invited me to a picnic in the park tonight!"

"About that…" Jean starts "You can't go. You need to go with your father to a camp for demigods like you."

"Who's Harry and Ron?" I ask

"My best friend's since the age of eleven."

"Do they know David isn't your real dad?"

"Yea" She seems awfully confused by my questioning

"Then tell them the, ah, normal version of what happened. Your dad came back, and you decided to spend the summer with him." Jean offers.

"I'll go send them a letter, I'll be right back" She rushes off.

"Pack while you're up there Hermione!" Jean yells

"So where's David?" I ask

"He's off at a Dentistry convention" She explains "We opened a Dentistry near here." Hermione comes back down with a trunk about 10 minutes later of awkward silence.

"Ready to go" She smiles. I stand up.

"It was nice seeing you again Jean. When does Hermione need to be home for school?"

"She, uh," Jean seems to be struggling to find what to say.

"I already graduated, Dad" Hermione answered for her mum.

"You are 17 though.." I ask in confusion

"Oh, at Hogwarts we graduate when we are 17, and start at age 11, for seven years of education" Her answer just baffles me. I shake my head, and grab her trunk, despite her protests. "Hermione, Jean, You need to close your eyes, here" I offer my unoccupied arm to Hermione, and she holds it in a vicegrip. I then proceed to teleport us to my palace throne room.

Hermione POV

I keep my eyes clinched shut, until my father, huh that's a weird thought, chuckles, and says "It's safe." I quickly open my eyes, and gasp at the pure beauty of the room. Dad is sitting down on a throne made of coral, and other shells. I look around to see different morals of someone looking like a mini-dad defeating different beasts. I go to move towards one, and notice I'm underwater, but push that aside, it isn't that shocking after the past hour.

"Who's that in the morals?" I ask.

"That's your half-brother Percy. He's at camp right now, and I should probably tell him about you. But I'll show you your room. It's pretty late here, and you need some sleep before tomorrow." He leads me down a hall, to a bedroom. It has some shell bookcases on the far West wall, and a bed made of what looks like concrete with several layers of seaweed cushioning, with a seaweed, it's blue somehow, blanket draped over it. I smiles, and turn to thank my dad, but he's already gone. I move towards the bed and sit on it. I look around for a few minutes. I decide to get up, and change into my pajamas. I pull on the fluffy shorts, and my tank top. I spend a few minutes staring at the word carved crudely into my arm. I fail to notice Dad is behind me.

"What happened, Hermione?" I jump startled by his voice.

"War" I sigh, and go to lay down. "Night dad"

"Goodnight Hermione." He gives me a hug, and goes off somewhere else. I lay down in the bed, and cover up with the blanket, drifting off to sleep quickly.


I'm standing in the middle of a camp of some sort. There are countless cabins surrounding me. But the one right next to me captures my eye. It has a big brass number 3 above the door. It is built entirely out of shells, like Dad's palace. The same boy from the murals come out of it, and runs to a big house on a nearby hill. I follow him. He stops, and knocks on the door. It seems pretty rude to me because it's the middle of the night. A centaur of all things answers the door.

"Percy?" The centaur asks.

"Chiron, My dad said I have a half-sister who is coming to camp tomorrow" Percy pants out.

"He broke the oath again?"

"Apparently, she is younger then I am, and is British. Dad said we need to be on the beach tomorrow morning to welcome her to Camp Half-blood." He smiles, seemingly happy she is coming. The dream fades to black


Dad wakes me up, by chilling the water around me severely.

"Merlin's saggy pant bottoms!" I curse, and move away from the cold water as fast as possible "Geez.."

Of course, Dad is laughing his arse off! I shoo him out as I prepare for the day. I look through my clothes, and pick out some Daisy Dukes with little swirls on the back pockets, a bikini under it, and a sea-green blouse. I pick out my green gem necklace with matching bracelets, and pick out my sealed make-up bag.

"I'll do my make-up later" I murmur to myself, while putting my snowy white Greek sandals. I put my messenger bag on with all my favorite books, my journal, and writing utensils in it. I had put an Undetectable Expansion Charm on it, with a Featherlight charm. I check my appearance in the mirror, and smile.

"Ready to go?" Dad asks. I nod.

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