Unknown Sea Princess

We all thought she was your everyday genius muggleborn witch... Well so did Hermione Granger, but she finds out during the summer after Voldemort's defeat, that she is the unknown Princess of the Sea.


4. Of Gifts and a Quest

Unknown Sea Princess

Chapter Four: Of Gifts

By: Luck_Goddess

Hermione POV

I frowned. I was going into my second month at Camp, and we still had to find my perfect sword. I shook my head, and walked towards the beach. Perce is always at the beach.

Sure enough, there my half-brother was, just lazing around on the beach.

"How did I know you'd come down here?" He wondered, with amusement in his voice. I laughed.

"Our dad's Poseidon, Where else would we go when we need to think" I teased. Perce grinned at me.

"How'd the sword search go today?" He laid back, and looked over at me. I sat down, and stretched my feet out into the calm water. I smiled. Water always calmed me down.

"Not good. Still can't find one that feels right. It frustrates me. I feel like a total idiot when I lose in Sword Practice because I can't duel right." I sighed. I silently prayed to Dad that I'd find the right sword tomorrow.

"Curfew is here soon, we better go back to the Cabin." He stood up, and gave me a hand up. I brushed the sand off my shorts, and we walked back to the cabin, laughing and grinning. I flopped down on my bed, and shrieked.

"AH! What the Hades!" I cursed, and rolled over. There was a slightly squashed box on my bed. I shared a confused look with Percy, and poked the box. "What do ya think is in it?"

"I don't know, but you must weigh something big to squash it." I rolled my eyes, and ignored his comment on my weight. I opened the box, and inside were two gloves. They were black, made with leather except around the wrist, had a quilted design, and were fingerless. Epic.

"Why'd they send me "I stopped, and pulled a note out of the bottom of the box.


I heard you were having trouble finding a sword that fit you.


PS ανοίγομαι

I blinked, and shared another confused look with Perce. I pulled my gloves on, saying "What does he mean, ανοίγομαι?"

Percy yelped, and fell on his butt, staring at the sword and shield that grew from the gloves. The shield had a mural of a small tiara floating atop a wave, a trident glowing at the bottom of the wave, making the two demi-gods gape at it's beauty. The sword, was celestial bronze with what looked like blue waves running up the full 3 foot long sword.

"That brings around to the question, how do I put them απών?" I accidently slipped into Ancient Greek as I finished my sentence. The sword and shield glowed, and then disappeared. I looked up, and shrugged. "Guess I know the answer now" Perce grinned, and I gave him a hand up from the floor.

"Whatcha gonna name your sword?" I pondered his question. It was a good one.

"Wavecrusher" As I said that, Κύμα θραυστήρα ingraved itself onto my right hand glove. I looked up. Perce had already started snoring, I laughed, and flopped back on my bed, drifting off into Morpheus' blessed land.


Nico POV

I didn't realize I was staring at Hermione, until she looked up at me, and her cheeks turned a faint rose color. I quickly turned back to my breakfast to hide my blush. I stood up with the rest of Camp and started towards my first activity, Sword Fighting. I grinned. Hermione and I always paired up to duel. I wondered what sword Chiron would hand her today? I stood waiting for the Poseidon Cabin to arrive. Percy usually just followed her around to her activities since all he did was teach. I absentmindly fiddled with my sword. I heard a yelp from behind me. I turned around and saw a laughing Hermione, and a smoking Percy, with one of Hermione's gloves at his feet. I grinned.

"So what'd Seaweed Brain do this time, Hermione?" I laughed. She grinned.

"I tossed him one of my gloves, and it shocked him." She started laughing again. I couldn't help but think to myself that she had the prettiest laugh I'd ever heard.

"Why?" I queried. She just smiled, held out her right hand, with the glove on I noted.

"ανοίγομαι" she muttered, and my eyes widen as a 3 foot sword appeared in her hand, attached to the glove. It was celestial bronze, and looked like waves were running down it.

"Woah, Where'd you find that?" I asked.

"Dad sent it to me" She grinned. I thought to myself, If she is anything like her half-brother in sword fighting, since she now has the perfect sword, I'm doomed. "Let's start this sword fight already, Corpse Breath" I grinned, and unsheathed my sword. I held my sword up, but we never got to the fight, as Chiron galloped up to us three.

"You three need to come to the Big House" He seemed pretty anxious. We shared confused looks, and followed him.

Inside the Big House

Hermione POV

I leaned forward, anxious as to why we were called up here. And It didn't help Nico was sitting right next to me. Merlin, the boy was cute. I silently scolded myself. Chiron stopped his pacing, and seemed to be waiting on someone. There was an almost blinding flash of light, and a young woman stood next to Chiron. She had curly shoulder-length blonde hair, with an emerald green flower accescorie that sent a pang through my heart. I missed Harry. Her outfit was a simple white dress, and a white veil drawn over the back of her hair. She was barefoot. Nico's eyes widened, but he kept his mouth shut.

"Greetings, Demigods!" The assumed-Goddess sung. She smiled prettily at Percy, but glared with loathe at Nico. She gave me a warm smile. "Well, I do not believe I've ever met you."

"Hermione, Ma'am, Daughter of Poseidon" I noticed just then, Percy was standing slightly in front of me. I frowned inwardly, but ignored it. Her eyes widened.

"He had another child? Hmm, my husband will not be happy about that" She frowned a little "Ah, but Hades is such a grump sometimes, right Nico?" I pursed my lips, Husband…Hades… Merlin, she was Persephone! Nico scowled, and glared heavily at her.

"Excuse me, Lady Persephone, but is there a reason you needed us three?" Perce cut in. He doesn't like her much, I noted.

"Yes, actually. I need you to retrieve my child. She lives in England. St. Ottery Catchpole to be exact." My heart leapt to my throat, and my eyes widened.

"Um, What's her name?" I asked, half-hoping I knew them.

"Luna Lovegood" I promptly fainted.

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