Unknown Sea Princess

We all thought she was your everyday genius muggleborn witch... Well so did Hermione Granger, but she finds out during the summer after Voldemort's defeat, that she is the unknown Princess of the Sea.


5. Of Dancing

Unknown Sea Princess

Chapter five: Of Dancing

By: Luck_Goddess

Hermione POV

I groaned. I was lying in our cabin on my bed.

"Argh, you won't believe the weird dream I had Perce" I mumble drowsily "Lady Persephone came and was goin to send us on a quest to find her daughter!" I am still in a confounded daze.

"Yea, but she said her daughter can't be found until the end of June or something like that." Perce just shrugged. Duh! I mentally did a face-palm. Hogwarts' lets out at the end of June. "But Chiron said The Winter Solstice is gonna be a type of dance. He also said Dad needed us as soon as you woke up." That explains Nico's absence. I develop a tint to my cheeks. Oh, I hope to the gods he asks me if it is that kinda dance!

"So we going now?" I stand up, and go to change into my swimsuit, but Percy stops me.

"Change into this" He shoves a bundle in my arms, and locks me in the bathroom. I roll my eyes. I looked at the clothes. It was a deep emerald green tank top, with a soft cream open front slipover. He must have dug through my wardrobe, because my favorite Daisy Dukes were with it. I grinned, and took a quick shower, and dressed.

I thought, and just threw my make-up away. I never wore it anymore anyway. I met Percy at the beach.

"So where are we going?" I asked as we started to go deeper into the water, I wasn't too concerned about my clothes. I knew I'd be dry.

"Triton is going to pick us up I think.." He shrugged. I rolled my eyes, and dived under. We swam until we were pretty far out. Percy gestured to stop and wait. I sat on the ocean floor, and messed with some bubbles, making random pictures. I looked up when I felt water shifting rapidly from a little ways out. I let myself float up beside Percy. I saw a chariot racing towards us.

'Perce! Chariot at 12 O'clock! Coming in fast!' I shouted in his head at him. He jerked awake, and smiled

'Dad's picking us up!' With that I raced towards to greet our dad.

'Dad!' I shouted. Poseidon smiled at us, and we both rushed to hug him. 'Why'd you need us?' Percy asked, and I thumped him on the head.

' …' I muttered. Poseidon laughed.

'Climb in' The God of the sea gestured, and grinned.

In his palace

Hermione POV

I grimaced. Dad really needs to drive safer.

"Geez Dad, in a rush or something?" Percy asked, Poseidon grinned. The side doors hit the walls with a bang, and we all turned to see Amphitrite standing there. She smiled nicely at me.

"Hermione, come here, I'm going to help you with the Winter Solstice dress." She smiled, I sent a completely terrified look at Poseidon, and followed her.

"Honey, I know the mortals paint me as horrible to my husband's Daughters, but that's not true. I love them like my own always." She seemed to sense my fear as we walked towards my room. "Please don't be scared of me." I smile, and nod.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~One hour later ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I twirled in the latest dress I was trying on.

"I love this one." I declared. "Does it look okay?" I looked towards her, biting my lip.

"Oh honey it looks beautiful on you!" Amphitrite smiled. I slipped out of it, and sheput it in a water-proof bag. I grinned at the goddess who had quickly become an motherly figure to me in the last hour. "Before you leave for Olympus, I'll come and do your make-up"

"Thank you, for everything, Amphitrite." I smiled at the Goddess.

"Oh it was nothing, honey" She gave me a hug, and I quickly pulled my clothes back on.

One week later

Hermione POV

I was lounging on the beach, half-asleep. I heard footsteps behind me, and turned around. It was Nico. I developed a blush thinking about him. He was just all around sexy. I wondered who he was going to the Solstice with, since it was a date dance.

"H-Hey Hermione" He was stuttering for some reason. I stood up.

"Hey Nico" I smiled at him.

"Hermione, I wanna know if.. youwillgotothesolsticewithme?" I blinked in confusion at the jumble of words.

"Excuse me? Umm, what did you say?"

"Hermione, will you go to the Solstice dance with me" He held his breath, and I grinned widely.

"Of course, Corpse Breath" I smiled my brightest smile, and Nico let his breath out. I bit my lip, and quickly gave him a kiss on the cheek. I ran off, with the reddest face in the history of the world, to hide in my cabin, daydreaming. I ran into Perce on the way in. He held his arms out, and stopped me from moving.

"Woah, why you blushing so bad, Mione?" He teased. I just turned even redder.

"I'm going to the dance with Nico" I smiled, still red.

"Hmm" Percy adopted his thinking face, and headed off. I smiled, and immediately flopped on my bed, and slept right through dinner, only waking up in the morning for breakfast. I smiled brightly, changed, and raced to breakfast. The days flew by after that, Nico and I got really close. Soon the day of the Solstice was upon us.

I fidgeted as Amphitrite slid the tiara in place.

"You're the Princess of the Sea" she had said when she brought it. I calmed my breathing, and slid into my dress. It was light blue. From the waist down it was ruffles, at the top, near my bosom, there was some silver. I sat on the stool. I winced at the heels. There were pretty high, silver, and wrapped up my ankle. I sat stiffly as my make-up was put on in light blues to dark silver, making a shadowy effect. I put my lip-gloss on. I reached to my curls, and smiled.

My hair was put up in a high curly hold, with a diamond and sapphire tiara holding it. The rest were curled, and laid prettily on my shoulders.

"Ready?" I looked over to see my dad dressed in a deep sea-green toga, with the same light-blue as my dress on the edges for trimming. I smiled at my dad.

"Your acting like it's my wedding!" I laughed. I heard Percy and Nico squabbling out there. I slid off the stool, fixed my dress, and managed to walk to the door without tripping. Gods, how'd the Patils do this everyday! Percy saw me first, and gaped. Nico turned, and he froze. The son of Hades was dressed in a midnight silk shirt, and matching black pants. He managed to smile, and stepped forward.

"Milady" He bowed, joking, and I laughed. He held a white rose out to me. I smiled, and awed.

"Thank you" I kissed his cheek. Poseidon cleared his throat. I laughed inwardly at my dad. I looked around for Percy but he was gone.

"Time to go to Olympus" Dad held his hand out to me. I grabbed on to it with my left hand, my right secure in Nico's hand. We saw a flash, then we were right outside the throne room.

I gaped, amazed at Olympus' beauty. Nico lead me in, and I prepared for a night full of partying.

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