Unknown Sea Princess

We all thought she was your everyday genius muggleborn witch... Well so did Hermione Granger, but she finds out during the summer after Voldemort's defeat, that she is the unknown Princess of the Sea.


3. Of Crushes

Unknown Sea Princess

Chapter Three: Of Crushes

By: Luck_Goddess

Nico POV (Ooo sudden change XD)

I looked around at the dining pavilion. I saw someone sit down in front of me out of the corner of my eye, and turned around.

"Hey Seaweed Brain, been a bit since you sat over here" I grinned at the Savior of Olympus.

"Yea, well, Seems my table won't be so lonely here soon, Dad said I got a half-sister" He retorted

"Whoa, you got a sister? Since when?"

"Since 17 years ago apparently" He seemed pretty irritated, but I would be too if Dad had told me about a new sister.

"When does she get here?" I asked him, curious.

"In about a half hour, Dads dropping her off on the Beach." He glanced at his watch. "Wanna head on over there?"

"Sure, where's Thals?" I grabbed a bagel, and followed him to the Beach.

"I think she is still sleeping" Percy grinned. "So is Annabeth"

"Heard you two got engaged." I confessed the rumors. He immediately got a love-struck look on his face. "Guess that answers that." We made onto the beach, and just sat there for a while talking, when Percy stood up.

"Huh?" was my intelligent response.

"Dad will be here in a few, cover your eyes." It was muffled due to the hand covering his face. I quickly covered my eyes, then heard a soft thud. I uncovered my eyes, and blinked. There was a teenager standing beside the God of the Sea.

"Lord Poseidon/Dad" We greeted.

"Percy, Nico, This is Hermione. She's my daughter, that I didn't even know existed before you say anything Percy, Make her feel welcome, please" With that said, he just walked back in the ocean.

"Your father is a man of few words, Kelp face." I muttered to Percy.

"Hello, I'm Percy, your half-brother. I'll show you the cabin" He ignored my comment. I took the time he was saying that to check-out the girl. She had slightly curly midnight hair, and sea-green eyes. Hermione's full pink lips, and curves made her very attractive. What she was wearing didn't help any.

"I'm Nico, son of Hades, Pleased to meet you" I smiled charmingly, and stuck my hand out. She reached out, and shook my hand.

"Hermione, as dad said. Ditto" She smiled. Hermione had a very pretty smile. I noticed as we were walking, she had scars on her arms.

"How'd you get those scars?" I accidently thought out loud, and blushed. Her grin fell off her face.

Hermione POV

I stopped smiling when Nico asked about my scars. The memories of every one passed through my thoughts for a second, but I pushed them back.

"War, where it isn't sunshine and daisies." I adopted a dark look on my face, and didn't speak for the rest of the tour. I really liked our cabin; it looked like my favorite place in the world. I smiled at the smell of the sea.

"So, where do you go to school?" Percy asked, I smiled fondly at the memories of Hogwarts.

"I used to attend Hogwarts. My friends and I skipped our last year to take care of something full grown adults couldn't do because fear of his name." I briefly considered telling him about magic. I decided to. "But I didn't go to a…normal…. School. I went to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry."

"But, I thought only children of Hecate could have magic." He looked pretty confounded.

"No, you can be blessed by Hecate, and have slightly weaker magic then her children if the books I got in the library at school said anything." I smiled, I heard a conch horn, and Perce lead me to the dining pavilion. I sat down across from him in the middle of the table, and looked around. I frowned when I saw Nico sitting by himself. I thought of the way Hogwarts was, and the house tables. I mentally shrugged; maybe it was that way here.

"Attention Campers!" A centaur, Chiron I believe Perce called him, stood, and clinked his glass. "We have a new camper today, Please welcome, Hermione, Daughter of Poseidon!" Instantly murmurs broke out, and all the campers started staring at me. I shifted, uncomfortable with all the attention on me. Maybe this is how Harry feels. Everyone loaded their plates.

"Mione, if you don't mind me calling you that, we sacrifice the best part of our meal to the gods, "Perce nodded towards a bronze brazier. I scraped the juicy steak into the Brazier, and mutter a quick "Dad". I sat back down, and started to tell Perce all about Hogwarts, the secret passages. I was half-way through describing what the Room of Requirement does, when dinner finished. We headed back to the cabin.

"And if you think about what you want or wish to appear, It'll appear. But jus not food. The Five Principal Exceptions to Gamp's Law of Elemental Transfiguration first exception is Food cannot be conjured." I explained, laughing at the next part. "Like one time, Harry was in there doing his Charms Homework, and was frustrated, He said, 'Gah! I wish a book would just tell me what the answer is!' With his luck, the book fell on his head"

Percy laughed "Be careful what you wish for" We both collapsed into laughs again as we sat on our bunks.

"So, Do you still stay at camp?" I wondered, he looked to be mid-twenties.

"Yea, Mom and my step-dad Paul are expecting so I decided to stay here" He smiled.

"I don't have any other siblings, But sometimes Harry and Ron feel like my two annoying brothers." I grinned "Surprisingly, I accidently my brotherly feelings for Ron as romantic, so it's a bit awkward around him"

We both laughed. I yawned, and grabbed my PJs. I slipped in the bathroom, and quickly changed. I looked over, and snorted. Perce was already snoring away. I pulled out my IPod touch, and turned it on to Fireflies by Owl City. I hummed quietly to the tune as I started to read a book.

The Next Morning

I grunt as someone repeatedly poked me in the forehead.

"What?" I snarl, I was NOT a morning person.

"Wake up, Mione, Breakfeast is in a half hour" Perce's voice replied. I groaned, but got up.

"What's after Breakfeast?" I ask as I pick up my orange t-shirt with Camp Half-Blood emblazoned on it.

"Canoeing" Percy's face morphs into a mischievous grin. "And Wear your swimsuit, You needa show them what your made of" I catch his drift, and adopt a similar grin. I grab my swimsuit, another pair of short shorts, and go in the bathroom. I quickly slip in my swimsuit, it's a green and white striped one-piece with slits on the back, and a mini-skirt. I tie it up behind my neck, and middle of my back. I smile, and pull on my shorts. They had matching green patterns on my buttocks. I pull my t-shirt on, and wave my wand, making it nice and snug. I reached down, and attached my holster to my ankle, my wand disappearing once in the holster. I decide against make-up since I may end up wet. I slip on my sandals, and meet Percy at the door.

After Breakfeast

I follow Percy down to the docks, where the Hades, Athena, and Apollo cabins are waiting. I stand beside Nico, and converse with him until Percy starts the lesson. I climb in a canoe with Nico, who seems pretty nervous.

"Dad won't sink it since I'm in here" I reassure him. Nico seems to get even paler.

About half-way through the lesson, Percy makes eye contact, and I grin. I focus on the water beneath one of Athena's kid's canoe. I make it form a wave, and tip the canoe. They come spluttering up, and they glare at Percy, who is roaring with laughter. I muffle my giggles, their faces were so priceless!

"You did that, didn't you?" Nico asks, grinning. I can't help but think, He's pretty cute when he grins. I blush at my thoughts "Aha! So you did!" I sigh inwardly in relief that he thought my blush meant I did it.

"Maybe it was Percy." Is all I say.

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