The Horror (1D)

What will Dawni , Julie, Tammi, Dani, Savannah, Sophiee, Harrey,Liam,Zayn,Niall,Ed,And Louis do when they're stuck on Julie's Grand-dad's ranc? Could he still be haunting his beautiful house? Find out here in The Horror


5. The Tay-Whore -.-'

Dawn's P.O.V

Oh my god,the Tay-Whore is here -.-'

I Glance over to Harry and see him staring at Savannah. *sigh* I'll never get him if its the last thing we'll do.


I then saw her walking towards Harry. God,

she can be such a slut sometimes, well......always.I try to get my calm over here.

~After convo of Harry and Tay-whore~

We were getting ready to go back home. We all decided for us to stay over at the ranch for a-little while to get used to it since today was the last day of school. I told my mom that we were leaving for the summer. I got my things ready and left to Harry's house. I rang the bell and Harry's Stepdad answered the door. "Hello Dawn!" he said. "Hi, is Harry ready yet, because him and me are going to Julie's house and from there to the ranch." I replie with a smile. "Yeah, he's upstairs." He said. I grabbed my bags and went up the stairs. I knocked on Harry's door and heard him say 'Come-in'. I opened the door and noticed he was still packing with shampoos, clothes, etc."Hey, Dawwniiiiiiiiiii!" he said. "Haaaai Hareeh!!"

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