The Horror (1D)

What will Dawni , Julie, Tammi, Dani, Savannah, Sophiee, Harrey,Liam,Zayn,Niall,Ed,And Louis do when they're stuck on Julie's Grand-dad's ranc? Could he still be haunting his beautiful house? Find out here in The Horror


4. The Movies.

Julie's P.O.V

"NOOOOOOOO M&M's ARE WAAAAY BETER THAN SNICKERS!!!!" I screamed at Savannah. "Oh god what have I done! I just said I wanted some Snickers GOD Julie!!!!" She replied. "Ohhhh" I said. "HAHAHAHAHA!!!" I heard Harry and Louis laugh. " AGH Fine Harry and Louis!!" I exclaimed. " Sorry Julie its just sooo funny!!! HAHAHAHA" I heard them say. "Well I don't want to talk now,BYE!" I said.'' GUYSS , were already fighting and we haven't even decided what movie to watch tonight." Savannah said. She had a point, we always had a long 30 min fight on what we watch every Friday. " The options are : Evil Dead , Spring Breakers, and Scary Movie 5. I say Scary Movie 5!!" I said. " But I wanna watch Evil Dead! " Harry begged. " No we're watching Spring Breakers!" Niall said. " NOOOOOOO WE'RE WATCHING SCARY MOVIE 5!" I exclaimed. "No we're watching Warm Bodies." Louis said. "That movie is not even on anymore!!" We all said to Louis. "FIIIINE BE LIKE THAT!!" Louis replied."Fine we're watching Evil Dead then." Savannah said. "YES!" Ed said. "YAAAY!" Sophiee,Liam,Harry, and Louis said.


                                ~After Movie~


"God that movie was awesome!" Harry said. "Noo it wasn't. It had the shittiest special effects ever!!" I replied "And Zayn and Tammi were just fucking making out gooosh!" "Youre just jealous, of my beauty!" Zayn replied. "No Im not Zayn, I have my own beauty!" I said. Then out of the blue I heard someone say ' Of course you have baby' I turned around and guess who I saw. Taylor Swift.

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