The Horror (1D)

What will Dawni , Julie, Tammi, Dani, Savannah, Sophiee, Harrey,Liam,Zayn,Niall,Ed,And Louis do when they're stuck on Julie's Grand-dad's ranc? Could he still be haunting his beautiful house? Find out here in The Horror


3. Good news Bad News


Slam!  I heard the locker door close. As I looked up I noticed my bestfriend , Julie, "Whats up?" I ask. She squeal with excitement, "I have my very own ranch!" "How?" I asked. "Well, you know my grand-dad died right? Well he gave the ranch to my parents and my parents gave it to ME!!!YAAAAY!!" She said. "OMG your granddad died?" I asked. "Yea, but no biggie we weren't That attached anyway....." She replied. RIIIIIING! We heard the bell ring. "Well, got to get going, catch you and the crew later, bye!" I said, "Bye!" she answered. Guess we're going to math. My favorite subject!                                   



"HARREH!!" I  said as I hugged him. "Whats up Dawniii?" He said. "Nothing much waiting for the rest to come. And you?'' I replied. "Same.." I saw Julie and Savannah coming this way with Zayn and Tammi behind them. I smiled when I saw Zayn and Tammi together, they're a great couple, if he ever breaks her heart, Ill break his face....Not kidding. Harry was laughing with Louis in the corner of the table. I was sitting in the third-to-the-last seat. Julie was infront of me. Savannah and her were talking about something. Tammi and Dani were arguing about which chocolate was better, but the Liam came around saying, "Girls stop fighting we all know Hersheys is the best of all!" COUGH COUGH KITKAT COUGH COUGH. Sophiee was talking to Ed. Liam was still fighting about the chocolste. Niall and I were talking. I knew he liked Julie but Ive never told her. *Sigh sigh*

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