The Horror (1D)

What will Dawni , Julie, Tammi, Dani, Savannah, Sophiee, Harrey,Liam,Zayn,Niall,Ed,And Louis do when they're stuck on Julie's Grand-dad's ranc? Could he still be haunting his beautiful house? Find out here in The Horror


1. Girl Profiles

Name - Dawn Kennedy

Age- 19

Favorite color - ANY NEON COLORS

Favorite food - Greasy Chips such as - Takis, doritos, etc.

About- Hey Im Kayla But My Friends Call Me Dawni Because They Do For Some Reasson. I Love Adventure,Scary Moviies,Food,etc.

Best Friends - Julie, Dani,Tammi Savannah, Sophiee,Harry , and Louis.

Crush- Harry Styles

EX- Greg Sulkin

Fears - Losing Julie Or Harry, Dark,Dolls






Name- Julie  Jhonsohn

Age -19

Favorite Colors- Purple,Blue,Pink and Yellow

Favorite Food- Chicken Nuggets

About- Haaaaaaai Im Victoria, But They Call Me Julie Cuz Of My Middle Name.Im Nice Hungry alllll The Time .

Best Friends- Dawnie ,Savannah,Tammi,Sophiee,Harry,Louis,Liam,Niall

Crush -Liam Payne

Ex- Riker Lynch

Fears - Afraid Of Losing Friends,Heights,Dark,Bullys


Name- Dani Anderson


Favorite colors- blue,black,yellow,and piiink

Favorite Food - Hot Dogs

About- Heey Im Daniela or Dani cuz I dont like Daniela. Im kind,Adventourous,Funny ,etc.

Best friends- Dawnie,Tammi,Sophiee,Ed,Savannah,Louis,Liam ,Harry

Crush- Niall Horan

Ex- Justin Bieber

Fears- Dark,Snakes,Spiders


Name- Tammi Anderson


Favorite colors - ALL OF THEM

Favorie food- KFC

About -Hei Im Tamara but I dont like that name so its Tammi! I love chocolate so muuuch .

Best Friends -Julie,Dawnie,Danni,Savannah,Zayn,Niall,Liam

Crush - Zayn Malik

Ex- Cody Simpson

Fears-Losing Friends,getting fat, spiders,


Name- Sophiee Moon

Age - 20

Favorite colors - I cant choooose

Favorite food - ANYTHIING!!!

About-Ello Im Sophia but I like Sophiee Better For Soem Reason......

Best Friends-Dawnie,Julie,Danni,Harry,Louis,Niall,Ed

Crush- Louis Tomlinson

Ex- Rocky Lynch

Fears-Nothing .-.


Name- Savannah McCarntney


Favorite colors- anything

Favorite food- HAMBURGERS

About- Hi Im Savannah,I Love Sports,Vampire Movies And Such Things Like That :)

Best Friends- Dawnie,Julie,Danni,Tammi,Harry,Liam,Louis,Ed

Crush-Ed Sheeran

Ex- Austin Mahone

Fears- Lightning,Jeff the Killer



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