You know you want me.

Mckenzie is not like every girl in the school. She is wild and doesn't care what people think of her,and when Harry meets her he falls in love.but the thing is she doesn't like him back.and will she shoot him down or will he get what he wants,her?


7. Turn your face

Liam's pov: I called Mckenzie as soon as I got up. She answered after the second ring." Hello?" She said in her slept voice. I couldn't help but notice a smile crept across my face." Hey beautiful, wanna come over?" " I would but I have a paegant today." I figured she must be joking because she was to... I don't know. I laughed and said " we'll can I come watch?" I said laughing taking it as a joke. "Actually yea, I would like that .um come pick me up at 10, so we can check me in by 11." She was serious. I didn't know she was in paegants. She was beautiful and never wore makeup. Didn't girls in paegants usaully have to wear makeup? "Okay, be ready in 30minutes." I said.  " alright,baby muffin!" She giggled. "What is that my new nickname?" I asked laughing. "Yuss" she giggled. " alrighty get ready and I will be there." I hung up and wondered should I invite the guys. Yeah, I was going to invite the guys.

Mckenzie pov: I took a shower and pulled on my baby blue miss me jeans and a white button up shirt. I pulled on my white vans. I zipped my dress up into its bag and heard a beep. I grabbed my 2 suitcases of everything I'd need and grabbed my talent, casual and evening dresses. I was so excited.i got into the car and Liam looked at me puzzled." What?" I said. "Nothing, I just thought you were kidding!" He exaggerated. I smiled. We pulled into the building where my paegant was going to be held. I sqeaked and got out of the car. "Are these things really that fun" Liam said giving me a peck on the lips before we walked in. I saw courtany and Jane standing there waiting on me. I walked over to them, and introduced them to Liam. "Hello loves, this is my friend Liam." I smiled. "Liam, this is courtany my makeup stylist, and this is Jane my hair stylist." They exagged hi's and we walked to my dressing room after checking in. 

*hour later*

Liam pov: I walked in to see Mckenzie with her makeup completely done and her hair completely done. She had on a fluffy purple short dress that sparkled at the top. She looked amazing. My mouth formed a perfect o." Wow!" I said. "Okay, I'm number 18 so I will be next, so go out all of you," she pointed at the ladies behind her. " go outside and watch" she said. I walked I out to where we would be sitting. I saw all of the boys there sitting with only Hannah -Louis girlfriend, Lauren-zayns girlfriend and Kierstan -Nialls girlfriend. I sat down next to harry who was all alone." Where's Lauren?" I asked. "Um, she couldn't come she's going to be gone with her family on vacation." He said blankly. His eyes went to the stage and his mouth made an o shape. He gulped and I turned to see Mckenzie walking on stage with a microphone in her hand. She started singing turn your face by little mix. She was amazing. She looked over to me and a great smile grew on her face. Damn I know Liam Payne usually don't cuss but damn she was beautiful!

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