You know you want me.

Mckenzie is not like every girl in the school. She is wild and doesn't care what people think of her,and when Harry meets her he falls in love.but the thing is she doesn't like him back.and will she shoot him down or will he get what he wants,her?


11. I love you.

Mckenzie's pov: we arrived at his place. He kept rubbing my thigh. We jumped out of the car and ran inside. I walked behind him to his bedroom. We jumped on the bed, and he started kissing me passionally. I groaned we he hit my sweet spots while he gave me love bites. Then he came back up to my lips and kissed softly. His tongue ran over my bottom lip asking for a entrance. I let him in. He started exploring my mouth. I ran my hands up and down his back and he let go of the kiss and back to me neck. "I l-love y-you." I whispered. " i love you too!" He said. "I'm not wanting this to be the time we go all the way tho. I mean I want it to be special." I said. He looked up at me and nodded his head. "I want it to be special too!" He said. We layed there and cuddled and finally fell asleep. I hope we last. I thought wrong about him. I truly did love him and I'm tired of getting myself into all these games. I sticking with Liam and that's final.


A/n: hello lovies!! :) hope you enjoyed. I'm sorry if you wanted a little something something to happen. But I think she should until she figured out things. So tell me if you want marry or miam!

thx for all the support love you guys forever xx

~Miss McKenzie~| ~The Direction Babe~

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