You know you want me.

Mckenzie is not like every girl in the school. She is wild and doesn't care what people think of her,and when Harry meets her he falls in love.but the thing is she doesn't like him back.and will she shoot him down or will he get what he wants,her?


6. Girlfriend blues

Mckenzies pov: Zayn texted and told me his address he had told me to just walk in and not knock so I did as I was told. I drove into his driveway I spotted a blue bug and also another car. I walked in his house to find Liam sitting on the couch with harry and a girl, Lauren. She kinda looked like me. But I didn care I smiled and asked Liam where Zayn was." Um, he's with his girlfriend in the other room." Liam said puzzled. " oh really now." I said amused. Just then Zayn came in holding the girls hand, I couldn't seem to remember her name. Zayn stared at me blankly. I walked over to Liam and sucked his face off. That's when I heard to boy huffing and puffing. I turned around to see Zayn and harry staring at me. I turned around towards Liam to see him smilin sheepishly. I enjoyed that. Harry turned to his girlfriend and kissed on he nose and she blushed with that they walked out the door to his car , tha I didn notice when I got here. Zayn stared at me and mouthed Im sorry. I shook my head and was dragged outside by Liam. I looked at his beautiful eyes that matched mine. "Mckenzie, did you mean that kiss?" I nodded and smiled. He leaned in a kissed my lips. I felt sparks fly. I hadn't realized that I liked Liam till now and I just realized he liked me back. 

Liams pov: I have liked Mckenzie all my life but he never seemed to notice me. She would always be looking at Zayn or Niall or harry. Louis had told me he had gotten over her  by finding Hannah. That's actually why I came I've rot zayns today. To see if he knew anyone I could hook up with. I didn't know Mckenzie was coming over until she walked into the door. And when she kissed me the first time I didn't realize that she liked me and wasn't using me to he the boys jealous.and he second time I realized that she wanted me and I was going to ask her to be the Jessie to my woody." Mckenzie, I have liked you for a very long time but you never seemed to notice me, and I want you to notice me by saying, will you be the Jessie to my woody or my girlfriend?" I blurted out. She smiled and nodded." I would ove to be both!" She laughed. I love her so much with that we got into her car and she drove me home.


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