You know you want me.

Mckenzie is not like every girl in the school. She is wild and doesn't care what people think of her,and when Harry meets her he falls in love.but the thing is she doesn't like him back.and will she shoot him down or will he get what he wants,her?


3. Dirty dancing

Niall pov: I was thinking about what Mckenzie said at lunch today, while I was watching Zayn and Lauren cuddle on the couch.lauren was perfect for Zayn she was small and fit right in with him, she was like a missing puzzle piece for zayns puzzle.She was pretty and had long brown hair. She had been going to our school for a while and at the beginning of the year she had her eye on harry but he never wanted her. I wonder who harry has his eye on? But I knew who I had mine on, Mckenzie.

But most guys did have there eye on Mckenzie, she was medium tall, slim but fit, busty and HOT! She wanted me and I wanted her as well.

Mckenzie's pov: I walked in my house after school and laid my stuff down. It was Friday and everyone was going to club 21 so I got dress into a tight hot pink mini dress with the top cut low with my Jessica Simpson 6 inch heels. I grabed my coach purse and walked out of my house. I got in my 2013 mustang and drove to the club. I walked in and went to the bar and ordered 5 shots. I drank them fast and turned around to see Kierstan standing behind me wearing a dark blue ruffle tank with black skinnys with 5 inch heels. When she saw me she walked over and told me that Styles had just walked in. Perfect timing, as soon as he saw me, the wobble played and Kierstan and I walked to the dance floor. When I was turning toward where styles was he was over there video taping my every move. So I tried to make that video a little intresting and spotted Niall walking out of the bathroom, I grabbed him and danced all over him. Harry just stopped video taping and stood there blankly. Then Niall said he had to go and Harry's blank face turned into a smirk. Then the dj played a$$ by big Sean, an harry walked over toward me and started dancing with me, I didn't care cuz I was going to win this war and make him want me but turn him down when he tried to make a move.

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