You know you want me.

Mckenzie is not like every girl in the school. She is wild and doesn't care what people think of her,and when Harry meets her he falls in love.but the thing is she doesn't like him back.and will she shoot him down or will he get what he wants,her?


5. Bye, styles! ;)

I woke up to a text on my phone from harry 

"Hey, babe ;) what are you wearing? I'll see at school ;) x -harry

I got up and ignored the text. I walked to my walk in closet and pulled out a black and white stripped dress with a bow tie at the top. I put on my heels on and pulled my hair in a bow like pony tail. I walked out of my mansion ( I was rich because my dad was Simon Cowell) I got into my mustang and drove to school. I walked in to whistling from everyone I realized what they were whistling at, harry posted that video of me wobbling. But I didn't care I liked attention. I walked up to Kierstan and smiled we chatted for a while harry watched me. I walked to my next class who I had with Zayn-Harry's best friend. I saw him wink at me and figured harry set him up to this. When it was lunch time, I plopped next to Kierstan and watched Niall walk over to us. " hey Mckenzie!" He said all excited." Hey,what do you want?" I said all sassy. "We'll I was wondering if you wanted to come to a movie with me after school?" I smialed and said " no thanks I was fake likening you to make harry jealous, but Kierstan would love to go with you!" He stared at Kierstan and Kierstan smiled and nodded her head. I got up and threw my salad away. I turned around and saw Zayn there." I'm sorry!" I said " it's alright, love, actually I was wondering if you would be my partner in art class for that project?" I nodded and smiled. I looked over at harry who had a frown plastered on his face. I was done with him. I walked over to styles and said " styles, I don't like you and never will, so stay away from me! I don't want to play games anymore, you win but your prize will never be claimed by you she will be claimed by someone who is interested in her and not her body!" I snapped. He just stood there and said "okay." But I knew he was not going to leave me alone. I was done but I didn't notice what just slipped in my mind. I wanted to get away from harry to be with someone special....ZAYN!

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